Monday, March 25, 2013

Results From Washington Golden Glove Semis; Bout Sheet For Finals In Waldorf!

Here are the results for the Washington Golden Gloves Semifinals held on March 23 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD:

There was one championship bout in the Novice DivisionBrittany Evans of Midtown won the Female 130 Pounds division with a win over Mellissa Andre.

In other Novice Division results:

123 Pounds: Anjelo Roces (Club One) advances by walkover

132 Pounds: Christian Bratton (Raw Assassin) over Nathan Jackson (NOMIS)

132 Pounds: James Early (NOMIS) over Umar Cheema (Unattached)

141 Pounds: Eric Johnson (Keystone) over Terry Romualdo (Club One)

152 Pounds: Lamonte Jackson (Cherry Lane) over Jacob Gabian (Laurel Boxing)

165 Pounds: Gregory Clark (NOMIS) over Francisco Bustos (Champions Gym)

178 Pounds: Maurice Burrell (Mobtown) over Lamar Pierce (Club One)

178 Pounds: Jerrod Bowling (Benning Park) advances by walkover

201 Pounds: Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Donnell Daniels (RHP Boxing Academy)

201 Pounds: Shaudre Kelleum-Gee (Mobtown) over Darnell Pierce (Club One)

Open Division:

114 Pounds:  Duglas Soto (Down Under) advances by walkover

123 Pounds:  Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma) over Paul Jerry (Hillcrest)

123 Pounds:  Jalonte Cole (No Xcuse) over Antwain Robinson (UMAR)

132 Pounds: Lamont Roach (No Xcuse) over Jerome Postley (Down Under)

141 Pounds: Patrick Harris (Headbangers) over Cornell Hines (NOMIS)

141 Pounds: Jahmal Dyer (Loch Raven) over Emmanuel Rodriguez (Down Under)

152 Pounds: Jonathan Burr, III (Hagerstown) over Demetrius Martin (D-Block)

165 Pounds: Jason Bell (No Xcuse) over Anthony Williams (Baltimore Boxing)

165 Pounds: Jerome Featherstone (Baltimore Boxing) over Tavon Marshall (Upton)

So the stage is set for the Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals on Saturday, April 13 at the Waldorf Jaycees Community Center in Waldorf, MD beginning at 8 PM.  Here are the matchups:

Novice Division

123 Pounds:  Anjelo Roces (Club One) vs. Marquise Pryor (UMAR)

132 Pounds: Christian Bratton (Raw Assassin) vs. James Early (NOMIS)

141 Pounds: Eric Johnson (Keystone) vs. Dionte Burts (Woodland)

152 Pounds: Lamonte Jackson (Cherry Lane) vs. Darryl Jacobs (NOMIS)

165 Pounds: Tyrell Johnson (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Gregory Clark (NOMIS)

178 Pounds: Jerrod Bowling (Benning Park) vs. Maurice Burrell (Mobtown)

201 Pounds: Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Shaudre Kelleum-Gee (Mobtown)

201+ Pounds: Andrew Evans (Headbangers) vs. Jeffrey Knight (First Class)

201 Pounds (Female): Desiree Abrams (Keystone) vs. Brandi Miller (Upton)

Open Division

114 Pounds:  Duglas Soto (Down Under) vs. Malik Jackson (Limelite)

123 Pounds: Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma) vs. Jalonte Cole (No Xcuse)

132 Pounds: Gary Riley (No Xcuse) vs. Lamont Roach, Jr. (No Xcuse)

141 Pounds: Patrick Harris (Headbangers) vs. Jahmal Dyer (Loch Raven)

152 Pounds: Kareem Martin (Headbangers) vs. Jonathan Burr, III (Hagerstown)

165 Pounds: Jerome Featherstone (Baltimore Boxing) vs. Jason Bell (No Xcuse)

201 Pounds: Albi Sadikaj (Raw Assassin) vs. Simon Rojas (Young Titans)

One boxer has advanced to the Regionals on Friday, April 26 in Waldorf.  Joe Jones, III of No Xcuse will be unopposed at 178 Pounds.

We'll be blogging live from the Waldorf Jaycees on April 13.


Anonymous said...

I attended the fights Saturday and was dissatisfied. What happen to all the hype? I was looking forward to the noise and cheering that took place the past couple of weeks. That was fun as hell. Is it some where in the rule book that says a club can not walk their boxer to the ring clapping their hand mitts or using a banner or a bull horn. I personally believe this is taking away from the sport of amateur boxing. My first amateur boxing event was at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center, as I remember is was the Head Bangers and the Umar Boxing Club who hyped the crowd with the Head Bangers chanting loudly The Head Bangers, The Head Bangers, The Head Bangers and Big Lou from Umar chanting, Who Let the dogs out !!!

Come on PVA lets get back to boxing of old. Our former Presidents Rick or Candy never had a problem with freedom of expression so why should you Ron. If you want quite then go to church because boxing is not for you.

I certainly hope next week or other events doesn't be like the last.

NoXcus and the Head Bangers keep doing what you do, y'all had Hill Crest chanting Hill Crest I never heard that before.

Anonymous said...

Golden gloves is unfair its not even about who's good anymore its about who the judges want to win many kids are getting cheated & people that don't deserve to win are getting the victories this really needs to change the golden gloves needs new judges who actually know how to judge & stop cheating kids that worked hard

Anonymous said...

Headbangers and NoXcuse keep cheering loud for your clubs. Its good for the sport. I was looking forward to it this past Saturday.

OC said...

Your boy lost! The judges got it right this time. Stop crying. What goes around comes around. PVA Judges got it 100% correct on that one. I remember you words. Don't be a sore loser. LMAO Bitch Boy!

Anonymous said...

I don't represent any gym... I just love boxing, but I agree the judges need too stop showing favoritism & score the bout the way it's fought & not by that's your favorite boxer or gym... That's the reason why when you send the same fighters to the nationals & they don't win it all, because the coaches in the other regions, already no how beat em... If we start sending our best, instead of our favorites will have more national champions each year... PVA judges you know who you are... Stop the cheating & do the right thing!!!

Anonymous said...

PVA always have national champions. Check the record books. Take your kid/boxer to one if you think he's one of the elite. Sound like a sore loser for sure. All Nationals you don't have to qualify for, you can just go. So if you haven't won one National or let alone competed in one, you really shouldn't be commenting like that crybaby. Wipe your tears man. USA's are next week and I bet your boxer is not going.

Anonymous said...

Which bouts were robberies?

Anonymous said...

Which of the bouts were robberies?

Anonymous said...

Patrick Harris (Headbangers)vs. Cornell Hines (Nomis) was a robbery.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't no robbery, teach you boxer how to fight not run!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! They complaining it wasnt no robs

Anonymous said...

Lls right!

Anonymous said...

That fight with the Lil light skin kid from headbanger wASNT no robbery ... The kid clearly landed more Effective shots while the other kid from normis was just running , throwing a butch of bullshit shots just trying to survive , this is the problem , coaches be Satisfied with they fighter bullshit ass performances , take your fighter back to the gym and teach him how to fight ..

Anonymous said...

The boy from Normis was horrible smh

Anonymous said...

The Boy From Nomis Did Good It could of went either way

Anonymous said...

Man that boy from nomis is a good fight and he wasn't trying to survive he was showing us that it's more to boxing than just banging and he won that fight which was a clear robbery the judges was just showing favoritism and bye the way I've seen the nomis kid fight before and he is terrific and don't get me wrong Patrick Harris is a great fighter

Anonymous said...

First of all he is not horrible he is a great fighter he won that fight but he got robbed which happens all the time and to say he's horrible u must be a bitch ass hater and I bet he can beat 95% of 141 pounders in the country what y'all should do is give this man a contract

Anonymous said...

If he can beat 95% of the 141lbs then send him to the USA Nationals and prove it.

boxinglover9 said...

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