Friday, March 22, 2013

Boxing Photographer Greenhill Thanks 'Angel' In Person At Howard County Fire And Rescue Awards Ceremony!

This is a very happy postscript to what could have been a real tragedy.  Back in April 2012, Beltway Boxing photographer Mike Greenhill went into cardiac arrest while playing indoor soccer.  An off-duty first responder named Stephanie Andrews, who was invited by another player to participate, happened to be there.  Andrews used CPR and saved Greenhill's life. Greenhill returned to ringside in September. 

This past Thursday, Greenhill had the opportunity to publicly thank Andrews at a ceremony that honored many fire and rescue workers in Howard County.  Greenhill was interviewed by both WMAR Channel 2 and WBFF Fox Baltimore and we have both links for you to see.

This is WMAR's story:

And this comes from WBFF:

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Anonymous said...

Mike is a good guy, always very enthusiastic about the local boxing scene. Glad to hear he is okay.