Sunday, February 17, 2013

Washington Post Pens Major Lamont Peterson Article!

The Washington Post's Barry Svrluga has written a major profile of IBF Junior Welterweight champion Lamont Peterson in advance of Friday's card at the DC Armory.  This is one of the longest stories I have seen on a local boxer in quite some time.  The story is also a very good read!  Here is the link:

By the way, the Friday, February 22 card will begin at 6 PM ET not 5 PM as I posted earlier.  The doors open at 5 PM.  The ESPN telecast starts at 9 PM ET.  

There will be a final press conference that will be open to the public on Wednesday, February 20 at noon at the Dow Lohnes Media Center located at 1200 New Hampshire Ave, NW in DC.  Space is limited for the event.


Anonymous said...

Pro Boxing only AA Ring Annonuncer Henry "Did-com-bob-u-lating" Jones was offered the job to announce, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 in DC, by Boxing Promoter. The HJ entourage was making plans to travel, when Jones called President of HJ Fan Club to give this disheartening cancellation, "ESPN said they want to use their own."

A discussion was held, with questions, "Could this be modern day discrimination", "why wouldn't ESPN want to recognize Jones in Black History Month", "Did they know he was to receive an award from the White House" recognizing his contribution to this field? "Is it Racism?"

We want the world to know ESPN may be practicing unfair selections when it comes to AA. What else will be uncovered about this network? Jones should be recognized and contracted with ESPN as being a loquacious boxing ring announcer, educated and profession.

This petition is for ESPN to bring Jones on board. Message to ESPN: The people who fight looks like Jones. Enough of this practice of "using your own, " make Jones "your own!"


We, the undersigned, call on ESPN to cease and desist from this practice of "using our own (white)" announcers.

We charge ESPN with practices of unfair selection, hence, hire Henry "Dis-com-bob-u-lating" Jones to announce fights as equally as hired white boxing announcers.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking joking... Racism... Really?!? Get a fucking life asshole!!!

Acrez said...

Even if we ignore the obvious—that Henry Jones is not a victim of racism isn't mutually exclusive to recognizing either the need for self-responsibility or the possibility of non-racial factors being involved—these defenses, like the “race card” label itself, reflect the mindset of the speaker more than they call into question the legitimacy of a discrimination claim. Mr. Jones is a fine announcer, but the truth of the matter is-he's just not on the same level as his peers.

Discombobulating Jones said...

I didn't know i had an HJ FAN CLUB. "Anonymous" can I get some royalty? Who are you? I deserve a i'm very serious.

Acrez, NOBODY is on the same level as Buffer and Lennon, Jr. Don't get it twisted. Consider these facts: 1)I have have the 3rd longest longevity as a Ring Announcer in HISTORY, 25 YEARS now, behind Lennon,Jr and Buffer.

2) Unlike HBO & SHOWTIME, ESPN FNF allows Promoters to hire the Ring Announcer. Co-Promoters Gary Shaw and Cologne Hunter (spouse of Barry) approved me to announce the Peterson-Holt ESPN2 card Friday, Feb 22nd, DC Starplex Armory, but ESPN stepped in and mandated I ONLY be allowed to announce the NON-TELEVISED Undercard. They're flying in an unknown from Fla., putting him up, paying him to announce the Televised bouts. Really? He may be a great guy but truthfully he is not even a Peer TO ME, given the respective accomplishments. We've seen and heard the most horrendous guys on the mic simply because they were connected to the Promoter i.e. family, friend or Sponsorship, so competency is secondary at times. You said I was a "fine announcer" so WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO ANNOUNCE IN DC EVERYTIME TV COMES TO TOWN? There is the appearance of an impropriety here and cause for litigation. I'm sure the Disney Parent company of ESPN is going to take an interest in a Headline that reads " ESPN KO's Pro Boxing's Longest Serving Black Ring Announcer...during Black History Month!" should we decide to run it.

3)I was being considered for a Proclamation by the White House Office on HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) as a Modern Day Pioneer, to be given DURING THE TELECAST..signed by POTUS..possibly PRESENTED BY POTUS, if available. That would've meant more than anything.

4) The proverbial bottom line is- last Dec I personally sold over $33,000 worth of tixs for Peterson-Khan for GoldenBoy and offered the same deal to Mr. Shaw, to which he was receptive. Is Litchenfeld going to sell any? In essence, this is an act of Torturous Interference that is taking substantial revenue away from me and the Promoter.

I don't know how long any of you have been following this, but it's nothing new. I'm not out to allege or prove racial discrimination but it always leads back to that as the reason I'm not allowed to ply my craft like others in this position around the country.

I didn't choose this fight, it chose me and my spirit is vexed. Many of you may think I'm not a good announcer, that's your prerogative. Quiet as it's being kept, several Promoters want me to announce their cards. This act by ESPN tells me they're not going to allow me do so ELSEWHERE if I can't do so in DC.

May Emmanuel Stewart R.I.P. but he told me 20 yrs ago I was going to have it hard in this position, like his Black Ring Announcer, Jim Ingram, in the 60's & late 70's. Manny said Jim died with a Broken Heart more than anything, not being allowed to realize his Dream his PEERS.

You can admire my stance or admonish my actions but I'm not going out like that. Don King told me he'd NEVER use me because he made Lennon's father a deathbed promise to ONLY use the son. I didn't like it but I had to respect it. He kept his word because I've seen King kick Buffer to the curb for Lennon, Jr. King also said something else I respect,that "TRUTH crushed to Earth shall Rise again!"

The DC Boxing Commission will formally ask ESPN at the Weigh-in, with the Promoters present, why I'm being made the exception to their rule. It should be an interesting response. Then, I can proceed to bring closure to this situation after a quarter century pursuit trying to capture an elusive, prestigious prize, that has only been awarded to my PEERS, and those who are not MY peers.

Trust and believe, what GOD has in store for me NO ONE can stop. Stay tuned to see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

Henry, I am sure there are politics being played... I think more the "good ole boy" mentality though and not rasicm. I admire Lennon Jr and respect him as an announcer. Buffer, one the other hand, is a piece of shit and I would put you well above him and his played out let's get ready to rumble bs. I think his brother is more exciting to watch than him. Good luck to you... I'll use my voice of choice and ill stomp my feet at my seat for you.

Yours Truly,
just another white boy

Anonymous said...

Mr jones quit your fucking crying
you snivelling fucking racist.
This world doesn't revolve around
you or any black man or white man or woman for that matter.Whoever owns and controls ESPN earned the right to decide who announces at there telecast.Because you are a black man makes you nothing special in thi picture.
Quit playing the race card ,it has been wore out long ago.

Barrack bluegummed Obamma
Michelle and the girls say hello

Jamal R. said...

henry-u do screw up all the time on the mike. u r ok for small fights-but u should never be on television. why r u doing undercard if u r mad at them for not doing top fight? stop begging and stand up for yourself. you are acting like a lost puppy that nobody wants. you keep wineing that they treat you bad because you are black, well, you ain't black for real, because a real black man would tell espn to go f&%$ themselves. a real black man is strong physically & mentally and you are niether. you not only beg to anyone who listens, u do it on the radio, you do it on here, have respect for yourself and be black and be strong. if you keep blaming the white man, you will never get ahead. you are embarrassing us all. pick your feet up, get better at what you do, stop wineing, everyone is so tired of hearing you cry. you ain't black for real!

Anonymous said...

Don King never used you because you are only black on the outside and you are a white jewish female on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Brad Jacobs had this to say in response to the allegations of racism made by African-American ring announcer Henry Jones in a recent inteview with Jacobs said, "I don't want to address any of the baseless comments made by Mr. Jones. However, I will say that at the USA network, we chose to you use the consistent services of Mark Beiro at that time, just like our counterparts at HBO and Showtime would have the choice to use who they wanted to announce their fights. This was no slight against Mr Jones or any of the other dozen ring announcers who would have liked to have that platform at the time."

APBM said...

Where is Henry Jones when you need a crybaby who uses his color not his skills to get ahead? come on Henry, you know you are reading this slim! Yes, I am black, made it on my own, and never cried about the racism that exists, it only made me work harder. Work hard Henry, get off Michael Buffer's white nut sac and then, get a better wardrobe you played out bama!

Anonymous said...

People need to take responsibility for themselves. They shouldn't be pointing fingers at others. What if racism wasn't involved at all?

Gary Digital Williams said...

It's a combination of politics and racism at work. As someone said, there is a "good ol' boy" network that is there where promoters feel comfortable with their own.

However, I have witnessed Jones being told by TV folks that he "doesn't show up well on camera," even though a good portion of the boxers look JUST like he does.

I have witnessed Jones being told by TV folks that he is "too loquacious."

When you go back in the history of boxing ring announcers, look up the name of Harry Ballow -- a white ring announcer who announced some of Joe Louis's biggest fights. Go online and find a broadcast when Louis fought Jack Sharkey. NO ANNOUNCER was more loquacious than Ballow that night. In fact, one of the ringside announcers (the legendary Ted Husing) makes a comment about it.

What we are dealing with are the politics of the sport but also there is racism at work.

Brian said...

Well done is always better than well said, Henry keep doing the work the rewards will follow.

Anonymous said...

HJ, You mentioned Lichtenfeld so I'm guessing that its Marc Lichtenfeld? I know Marc personally and professionally and he is a very well respected ring announcer as well. He has been on ESPN FNF countless times and is very well liked by many.

Maybe part of your problem HJ is that if you weren't such a douchebag and crybaby, that you'd be more well liked by those that make the decisions on who is going to get the job, etc. No one likes a whiny bitch who wants to play the race card every chance they get.

Richard McCombs said...

Henry you were born to do this and your time will come,And like you said what God has for you nobody can still the light from you.I appreciate you and know your not only a great ring announcer but a very good friend and mentor.

Anonymous said...

there you go again showing your true colors Mr Williams.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Excuse me? I'm simply stating facts. I have seen Henry go through this and I do believe a good portion of this is racism. However, two of the major black promoters. -- Don King and Rock Newman -- are not clean on this either. Henry said what King's reason was; we have yet to hear what Newman's reason was.

Anonymous said...

Rock Newman is white!

Gary Digital Williams said...

uh...I've known Rock for about 25 years. He is a black man. Fair-skinned yes, but he is an African-American.

S.N. said...

Rock Newman still has a promotional company called Gibralter Promotions. I dont think he is involved in boxing anymore though. He was advising Mike Tyson around the Lewis fight. Newman is a white guy even though he went to Howard University.

Larry Swan said...

If you go in Southern Maryland you would see hundreds of people that are Black, but with Super fair skin! They kept their skin that way for the privileges it provided for them. Now they clearly like to be described as "Black", and many don't even want to talk about it. Two of the Bloodlines were "Newmans" and "Proctors" in Maryland.


Not once, and I repeat, not once have I ever had a complaint about Henry’s skill or professionalism. In fact, not only have we received positive feedback for his ring announcing abilities; he anchored our press conferences as well.

In the 11 years I have known Henry Jones, I have never witnessed him pull the race card. Not one time! The truth is, there really are department heads at some networks that believe the color of one’s skin determines the demographic draw of the television audience. This is back room politics and it does exist. The problem may or may not be racism. I can’t tell you what’s in someone else’s heart. However, at minimum, and in my opinion, what we are witnessing here is narrow mindedness.

Let me explain it like this. For those who have seen ICB events you are aware of the presence of national corporations. Not just the mom and pop companies which are equally important, but not applicable in this discussion because we are talking about national exposure when it comes to ESPN.

If you look at these corporations such as California Pizza Kitchen, the cruise lines etc, you notice that they all lien more towards a Caucasian demographic. Well guess what? Henry Jones has announced all ICB events, he makes it a point to get actively involved in the community where the event is being held, and he keeps the money coming back from all demographics, both black and white.

With that being said, whether the motivation is race, or simply narrow mindedness, its ridiculously wrong and they are not only hurting Henry’s career, they are hurting themselves and the sport of boxing without even knowing it!

Anonymous said...

If this complaining continues on, Jones will not even do the undercard. I heard that from the horses mouth!

Anonymous said...

If Henry's "career" is ring announcing and he hasn't caught a break in 25 or however many years, guess what time it is...ITS TIME FOR A CAREER CHANGE JOKER!!!

Brian said...

Well, simple as it may seems ESPN can do what they want, period its thier time and dime. Is Henry capable? yes, does he deserve this? yes, is he being slighted for whatever reason? yes, either way it is not for us to speculate as to why.

and to ICB, how are they hurting boxing?

Brian said...

why does race have to be dragged into everything

Anonymous said...

Really is tragic that people are sayin that this is a racist matter.Is that all most of you have to fall back on.
Get over this shit there is a black man in the white house stupid. I have an idea , lets put henry in the white house
and let him ask the country (Are you ready to do this , then lets get to this)
Henry or nobody deserves anything.
Life is not fair as you or I or the rest of the world sees it.Everybody has there own perspective on everything but somehow everything with Henry winds up being a racist matter.
Mr Williams you should really reconsider your train of thought
on this matter with jones.I'm sure that it is not racially motivated to not let henry announce the big fight.I like Henry as an announcer but I don't own espn or showtime or HBO or any of the other stations.
Please quit your crying Mr Williams it is unbecoming

Anonymous said...

It was great to see that no talent hack crybaby Jones shit out of of doing the Peterson or any of the TV fights. I am black, and tired of this whack cry baby brother who is on the DL from what I hear, crying I am black and though I have worked for over 20 years, I cannot get a job! Shut up! Stop crying and update your wardrobe.

Mr Williams, I have much respect for you sir, but stop taking up for someone who is a crybaby! How much do you get paid when you do the fights?I heard nothing, but he does and you MUST stop making excuses for our brother!

Averne Jackson
Columbia, MD