Friday, February 22, 2013

Thompson Gives Views on Doping in Sport on BBC Morning Show!

On Thursday morning, DC heavyweight Tony "The Tiger" Thompson appeared with David Price, his opponent on Saturday night in Liverpool, England, on the BBC 5 Live Breakfast morning show to promote their bout at the Echo Arena.  The subject of doping in sport came up during the conversation and Thompson had some interesting and controversial views on the subject.

Here's the link to the story and video:


ACW said...

Don't know if I agree or not, but he makes some points that at the very least are worth considering. Your thoughts Digital?

Gary Digital Williams said...

I'm not sure if I agree. This could (and maybe already has) open up a huge can of worms. I think that was a bold statement that I hope Thompson doesn't regret saying.

Richard McCombs said...

I agree with you Gary somethings must be left unsaid.