Friday, February 22, 2013

Results From Amateur Portion of Card!

Here are the results from the amateur portion of the card at the Armory.

Lorenzo Simpson (Upton) over Amir Brown (SRL).

We were given bad information about the matchups tonight but here are the results.  Demetrius Martin (D-Block) over Malik Hawkins (Upton) and Yurii Polischuk (Raw Assassin) over Michael Peoples (Old School).

The first pro bout is in the ring -- Raul Lopez (8-1, four KO's) of the Bronx, NY takes on Indianapolis, IN's DeWayne Wisdom (2-9, one KO).


Anonymous said...

what size crowd

Gary Digital Williams said...

I'd say about 1500 at this point.

Anonymous said...

Slow results tonight Gary. Are yu losing your expertise? LOL just kidding