Friday, February 08, 2013

Harrison Weighs 149 For Delaware Battle!

Dusty Harrison weighed in at 149 pounds for his scheduled four-round contest against Kelly Wright tonight at the Chase Center on The Waterfront in Wilmington, DE.  Wright tipped the scales at 143.

Clarification:  BATB just spoke to the Harrison camp and there was NO, repeat, NO altercation between Harrison and Wright at the weigh-in on Thursday.  In fact, the two did not even square up for the traditional photo shoot with each other.  The Harrison camp was informed of what was posted in the comment section of the previous post about Harrison.  Laughter was their response.

The card will be shown on GoFightLive TV at for $9.99.


Anonymous said...

"Spoke to the Harrison Camp"???....Oh you mean spoke with Buddy, lol.

Gary Digital Williams said...

And Dusty. And Andrew Council. And two reporters who were all at the weigh in. Nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

They are embarrassed about the situation.LOL

Anonymous said...

DMV Boxers screw it up for everyone!