Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Examiner Column Rhetorically Asks: Did December 10, 2011 Actually Happen?

When I wrote the year in review for 2012, I said the year was one of "Great Possibility and Missed Opportunity."  In his most recent column for the Washington Examiner, Thom Loverro focuses on the undeniable missed opportunities for two of our local boxers.  Here's the column:


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Big Rob said...

Nice reading, but I do not blames the fighters for the missed opportunities. It was the decisions made by managers, promoters, etc... that has these guys failing. We now know that Mitchell was exposed, but we all know that Peterson is a world-class fighter and he deserves much more than an ESPN fight. Peterson should beat Holt with ease and land another big shot on HBO/Showtime card. Mitchell, most likely will not win another fight and should retire soon after.