Monday, February 25, 2013

Bout Sheet For Second Night of Washington Golden Gloves!

Before I post this week's Washington Golden Gloves Bout Sheet, let me say the following:

I usually get the info on the bout sheet for the upcoming week's competition in the early part of the week.  As soon as I get it, I try to put it up.

There will be times during the competition -- including this coming Saturday -- where I will not be able to attend.  Therefore, I will not have the results for the week immediately following the event on those days.  I will get those results early the next week along with the bout sheet.  So we are keeping up with the event however, we will not always get the info immediately.

With that in mind, here is the bout sheet for Saturday, March 2 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD:

Junior Division:

9-10, 65 Pounds:  Eric Acosta (Main Street) vs. Ricardo Romualdo (Club One)

11-12, 80 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Chamar Flowers (Headbangers) vs. Salvador Escamilla (Langdon)

11, 86 Pounds: Kobe Moore (Main Street) vs. Richard Pearson (No Xcuse)

11, 86 Pounds: Adam Calixto (Main Street) vs. Kyron Curry (UMAR)

12-13, 85 Pounds: Rudy Calixto (Main Street) vs. Mekhi Payne-Dey (Keystone)

12-13, 85 Pounds: Cornell Gray (Kenilworth) vs. Juan Jenkins (Mobtown Gym)

12-13, 100 Pounds: Siete Shuler (Langdon) vs. Cory Matthews (Enigma)

13-14, 115 Pounds: Charlie Tuckson (Young Titans) vs. Andres Garibay (Laurel Boxing)

16, 125 Pounds: Daron Williams (Benning Park) vs. Michael Cate (LA Boxing)

14-15, 112 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Hakeem Middleton (Woodland) vs. Deron Whitley (Laurel Boxing)

There are three more unopposed champions in the Junior Division.  Congratulations to:

Gregory Burton (Langdon), 13 years, 105 Pounds

Favion David (unattached), 14 years, 127 Pounds

Richard Foxwell (Loch Raven), 15 years, 154 Pounds

Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Delonte Rawlings (Black Belt Academy) vs. Anjelo Roces (Club One)

132 Pounds: James Early (NOMIS) vs. Andrew Barrett (Laurel Gym)

132 Pounds: Gorur Karyah (Tony's Gym) vs. Nathan Jackson (NOMIS)

141 Pounds: Jalil Hunter (Headbangers) vs. Dionte Burts (Woodland)

141 Pounds: Alejandro Zen (Champions Gym) vs. Terrance Smith (Loch Raven)

152 Pounds: Lamont Jackson (Cherry Lane) vs. Ignacio Marion-Suartz (Laurel Boxing)

152 Pounds: Dale Goldson (Laurel Boxing) vs. Ruben Martinez (Legends)

165 Pounds: Bryan Mata (Ground Control) vs. Tyrell Johnson (Sugar Ray Leonard)

165 Pounds: Francisco Bustos (Champions Gym) vs. Zach Steel (LA Boxing)

178 Pounds: Jordan Payne (NOMIS) vs. Lamar Pierce (Club One)

201 Pounds: Donnell Douglas (RHP) vs. Samual Crossed (Baltimore Boxing)

201 Pounds: Daniel Steel (LA Boxing) vs. Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Once again, action gets underway at 7:30 PM.


Anonymous said...

ticket prices??

Gary Digital Williams said...

$35, I believe.

Anonymous said...

do you have the results yet?