Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bout Sheet for First Round Action at Washington Golden Gloves!

Here is the opening night action for the Washington Golden Gloves on Saturday, February 23 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD:

Junior Division

9-10 Years, 60 Pounds:  Mekhi Phillips (Keystone Boxing) vs. Ragahleak Bartee (Tony's Gym)

9-10 Years, 65 Pounds:  Muhammad Robinson (UMAR) vs. Jamaree Harper (Hillcrest)

9 Years, 70 Pounds: Quincey Williams (Tony's Gym) vs. Damon Burnette, Jr. (Keystone Boxing)

9 Years, 70 Pounds: Jacob Matthews (Enigma) vs. Kevin Escamilla (Langdon)

10 Years, 70 Pounds: Jordan Jones (Headbangers) vs. Deric Davis (Old School)

10 Years, 70 Pounds: Kesean Bagwell (Charm City) vs. Maximas Garland (Headbangers)

9 Years, 75 Pounds: Lawrence Malcolm (Enigma) vs. Santino Saunders (Hillcrest)

11 Years, 70 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Ervin Canlas (Keystone) vs. Donell Williams (Kenilworth)

10 Years, 75 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Donald Ford (Kenilworth) vs. Daylynn Jones (Headbangers)

11 Years, 75 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Khalil Phillps (Keystone) vs. Stacey Selby (Langdon)

9-10, 80 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Jalil Hackett (Enigma) vs. Lamont Tate (Kenilworth)

11-12, 80 Pounds:  Quartez Lott (Langdon) vs. Chamar Flowers (Headbangers)

10-11, 100 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP):  Edwin Angel (Keystone) vs. Keith Bagwell, Jr. (Charm City)

Four Juniors are unopposed Golden Gloves champions.  Congratulations to:

Jamarni Scott (Charm City), 12-13, 75 Pounds.

Michael Tymas (Langdon), 11, 110 Pounds

Preston Gatling (Hillcrest), 16, 114 Pounds

Gary Antuanne Russell (Enigma), 16, 132 Pounds

Novice Division

132 Pounds: Jefri Gutierez (Laurel) vs. Quanell Robinson (Hillcrest)

132 Pounds: Jalen Jones (Limelite) vs. Nathen Jackson (NOMIS)

141 Pounds: Delonte Perkins (Laurel) vs. Michael Martin (LA Boxing)

141 Pounds: Daniel Scalan (Black Belt Academy) vs. Jalil Hunter (Headbangers)

141 Pounds: Jose Santos (First Class) vs. Mikhail Kozlov (LA Boxing)

152 Pounds: Lamonte Jackson (Cherry Lane) vs. Nicholas Lee (Laurel)

152 Pounds: Darryl Jacobs (NOMIS) vs. Kristian Mitts (Champions)

152 Pounds: Evequeny Metchenov (Laurel) vs. Alonzo Thompson (Cherry Lane)


Anonymous said...

russell been 16 for the last 3

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LLs aye no bullshit!!!

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they was busted twice in colorada