Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Website By Former Naval Academy Boxer Helps You Find Your 'Fighting Mojo!'

(courtesy of Fightingmojo.com)

Back in 2009, I met a young boxer named Mike Steadman while covering the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) Championships at the University of Maryland.  Steadman was in the midst of capturing his second of three NCBA titles at 175 pounds.

 I was very impressed with his work in the ring and, in an interview afterwards, I asked him whether he was thinking about turning professional.  I found out that turning professional was the furthest thing from Steadman's mind.

Steadman doesn't compete as a boxer much now but has turned his focus to helping others find and achieve their physical fitness goals, or what Steadman calls their "Fighting Mojo."  That's the name of Steadman's website -- FightingMojo.com.  Steadman says that this is not a boxing website, your goals can come from anywhere.  Boxing is just a backdrop based on his own experiences.  Here's the link in case you want to stop by:


This type of post is something that I plan to do more of in 2013 -- we hear so much about boxers who aren't doing so well after their careers are over. However, there are many along the Beltway that have been involved in doing great work after their boxing days.  We will be looking to focus on that this year.

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