Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peterson-Holt 'A Done Deal;' Leonard Has Thoughts on Russell!'s Lem Satterfield is reporting that DC's Lamont Peterson will indeed defend his IBF Junior Welterweight title against former world champion Kendall "Rated R" Holt of Paterson, NJ on Friday, February 22 at the DC Armory.

Satterfield quotes the IBF Public Relations Department as saying contracts from both fighters were received by the IBF on Monday and the fight is "a done deal."  There is speculation that Anthony Peterson and Dusty Harrison may appear on the card.

In another article, Satterfield talked to Hall of Fame boxer and Beltway Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard about a number of young pro boxers around the world including undefeated Capitol Heights, MD featherweight "Mr." Gary Russell, Jr.  Here's what Leonard told Satterfield:

"I know Gary Russell, because back a few years ago, there was a lot of talk about this kid, Gary Russell. The fact that he's from D.C., I became a fan really quick. J.D. Brown, who was a member of my camp back in the day, J.D. was actually the one who first told me about Gary Russell," said Leonard.
"Everyone talks about how great of a fighter he is and his potential. That's why I see incredible potential. This kid just has to fight more often. You've got to fight, man, if you want to get better, and if you want to get recognized and acknowledged. You've got to fight so that the fans can see you, and, at the same time, you become more experienced."


Anonymous said...

Well put Ray!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any idea when tickets go on sale?

Gary Digital Williams said...

No word yet but it should be soon.

Anonymous said...

I have a big problem that Peterson is getting a license in DC when he didn't face up to the Nevada commission. Even more evidence that we need a nationwide commission.

Anonymous said...

Gary Russell since he is from D.C.needs to bring more of his here,and like ray says,fight more often.The home town fans would be there to support him.