Sunday, December 09, 2012

Recap From The Convention Center!

Here is the recap from Saturday's Keystone Boxing card at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC:

DC welterweight Dusty Harrison scored a first-round TKO over Darrell "Prince" Jones of Jacksonville, FL.  Harrison knocked Jones down twice before the bout was stopped at 2:30 of the round.  Harrison is now 11-0, seven KO's while Jones is 3-10-1, one KO.

Light heavyweight Phil Jackson Benson, originally from New York City and now fighting out of DC, scored a TKO at the beginning of the fourth round after Terrance "T-Rex" Smith of Oklahoma City, OK couldn't leave his stool after the third.  Benson is now 10-1, nine KO's while Smith falls to 8-14-2, five KO's.

Forestville, MD junior middleweight Alantez "Slyaza" Fox stopped Jimmy "The Dream" LeBlanc of Boston, MA at 1:12 of the first round.  Fox remains undefeated at 8-0-1, four KO's.  LeBlanc is now 13-23-4, five KO's.

Palmer Park, MD featherweight Kevin "K-Smoov" Rivers, Jr. registered a first-round stoppage of Alan Beeman of Providence, RI.  The bout was halted at 1:39 of the first.  Rivers is now 3-0, two KO's.  Beeman is 0-6.

DC featherweight Shadeed Floyd lost a four-round split decision to the resurgent David Warren Huffman of Milwaukee, WI.  Huffman won by two scores of 39-37 and Floyd received one score of 39-37.  Floyd suffers his first loss and he is now 1-1.  Huffman is 3-8-1, one KO but he is 3-1-1, one KO in his last five bouts with all three wins coming in Beltway Boxing locations -- twice at the Convention Center and once at the Patriot Center.

Clarksburg, MD junior middleweight Dillon "The Stalker" Hayman won a hard-fought four-round unanimous decision over Ervin "Quiet Storm" Fuller of Capitol Heights, MD.  This was one of the best bouts all year with Hayman taking a 39-37 decision on all three judge's cards.  Hayman goes the distance for the first time in his young career and he is 3-0, two KO's.  Fuller, who fought for the first time in 10 years, is now 1-4, one KO.

Accokeek, MD junior middleweight "Swift" Jarrett Hurd scored a first round knockout, stopping Anthony Jones of Jackson, TN at 1:09 of the first round.  Hurd is 3-0, three KO's while Jones is 0-6.

The opening contest was stopped just 16 seconds in when Jerry Odom of DC clashed heads with Marcus Clay of Baton Rouge, LA.  The cut over Clay's left eye could not be closed by the ringside doctor.  The bout was declared a no-contest. Odom is now 1-0, one NC while Clay is 2-3.

Here is the Post-Fight Wrap-Up:

And here  is an interview with Alantez Fox:


Anonymous said...

proud of ya Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Why is odom 1-1

Gary Digital Williams said...

Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

Both of those camps know boxing; so that will never happen. To be truthful, that has to be the dumbest request I've ever read on BATB.They are trying to build these guys, not ruin an undefeated record. Not to mention they are two weight classes apart.

Anonymous said...

Dusty's camp needs to be really working on getting him in some rounds. Getting these early knockouts are doing nothing for his ring experience except building a false sense of accomplishment and security. Even if they're not going to step up the competition level, they need to get through to him to have him get in the rounds and work on things, rather than to see how fast he can blow these guys out of the ring. Gettin in rounds is experience, not early KO's on soft guys.

Anonymous said...

he can't help it if one punch ends the fight

Anonymous said...

then its time to step up the level of competition if thats the case. Its for his own good.

L.D. said...

if he were not 18 i'd agree with you. but it looks like he has found a way to make quick money, i know that he probably makes between 3,500 and 6,000 for each fight. it looks like he fights every month, so pretty damn nice income for a kid still in school living with his far as i know, these fighters do not get paid for over-time. hopefully, he saves his money, because these dreams can end in a split second. i do notice that his fans actually enjoy the quick knock-outs. (or they just wanted to get home to watch manny get knocked out on hbo)
either way, they seemed happy. it looks like he now has fans either paying to see him win or haters paying to see him lose. he makes money for everyone regardless of their wishes. if this road leads to the usual, he will end up leaving here, leaving his camp, trainer, manager, promoter, never fails.

Anonymous said...

His ass will wind up in jail just like all the others!I know the crew he hangs with.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he'll leave the area, ultimately he'll have to leave the promoter to make the real money and a real trainer who will help break his bad habits, but fighters gain experience by going rounds and stiffening competition, not by knocking out tomato cans. I agree he's only 18, but you gotta raise the competition level slightly so he can learn little by little. Because at this rate, he's gonna go from 0-100 then when he really steps up, he's gonna be in trouble because he never gradually got the experience.

KIA said...

are you crazy? keystone has got an eighteen your old kid 11-0 and making over 5 grand a fight. he be a stupid mo*&^%$#@(*& to leave. his trainer might be wild, but you can bet he can trust him. just because he makes these fighters look like tomato cans, doesn't mean they are. raise the competition-shit i think he needs to be more careful. i remember youngin got caught in the 8th. round after winning the first 7. two things i know for sure: you dont know boxing and you such a hater. lmao

Anonymous said...

If he was 25, you put up a good argument, but at 18, you hatin.

Simms said...

I just had to look into this. I see that he has never once fought a guy that was miking his pro-debut. I also see that he has never once fought a guy that has less fights than him. What the hell are you talking about? 2012-12-08 146¼ Darrell Jones 144½ 3-9-1
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 1 6
time: 2:30

2012-11-03 146 Nalo Leal 146 4-16-1
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 3 8
time: 0:31 | referee: Kenny Chevalier
Leal down in rds 1 & 3

2012-09-29 146 Shane Gierke 150 5-26-2
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 2 6
2012-08-25 145 Marqus Jackson 146 2-5-0
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W UD 6 6
Harrison down once in rd 6

2012-07-14 145 Reggie Nash 142 10-29-1
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 1 6
time: 2:32

2012-05-12 144 Joey Ortega 149 3-21-0
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 2 6
time: 2:59

2012-04-07 153½ Anthony Bowman 152½ 9-39-2
Landers Center, Southaven, Mississippi, USA W UD 4 4
judge: Gerald Deming 40-36 | judge: Reccia Mullins 40-36 | judge: Mack Thornton 40-36

2012-03-10 145 Booker Mullins 144 3-10-0
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 1 4
time: 2:08 | referee: Malik Waleed | judge: Dave Braslow

2011-12-10 144 Terrell Davis 146 0-4-0
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 1 4
time: 2:46 | referee: William Johnson | judge: Lloyd Scaife | judge: Paul Wallace | judge: Wayne Smith
Davis down three times

2011-07-30 147 Trenton Titsworth 143 3-12-1
Fitzgerald's Casino & Hotel, Tunica, Mississippi, USA W UD 4 4
40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36

2011-06-11 Alphonso Alexander 0-3-0
DeSoto Civic Center, Southaven, Mississippi, USA W UD 4 4

Anonymous said...

Dont fall for that shit, that B*&^% always starting stuff. She just a big ass hater!

Anonymous said...

Naw Dusty and Fox can meet at a catch weight fuck all that bull shit about building records we want to see the best fight the best Dusty's 147 and Fox 154 even though Dusty will win it will be good for DMV

Anonymous said...

But u asked a 147 pound fighter to fight Fox at rosecroft in January who tbe fuck u think u playing Brian.

Anonymous said...

Brian has never once asked a 147 pounder to fight Fox. Liar, Liar, pants on Fire.

Anonymous said...

They been picking dusty fights since amateurs so I dnt and can't respect his record . He turned pro over going open cause he can't pick his fights nomore

Anonymous said...

Smart Move!Now he's 10-0 without having many amature fights. He's making money doing something he's not that good at. Don't hate him for doing so much with so little.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that you are not a fan of his. What I don't understand is why you follow his every move? Why even comment on him? This joker sits back and gets known with the help of his haters. Don't let the youngin get to you. If what you are saying has any truth to it, he will lose soon. I wonder if you are paying to get into his fights? If so, he now gets paid by fans and haters. You make this kid sound like a genious. I'm sure he's not the first to look great when he's not even an average fighter, but you make it look like he has gotten over on all of us. He's 10-0 and you talk of him like he's a world champion. Just sit back and watch his ass fall like Romney did. He cannot win them all. Sooner or later, he will not get the decision. He's skating on thin ice each time he goes out there.

Irepteme said...

Hey know it all-the kid is 11-0 and he fights are won by Ko's not score-cards.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Dusty gets so much flack (aside from that silly tattoo on his chest). He is a good young fighter with a good amateur background, and he works with people who genuinely care about his well being. In addition, he is only 19-years old. Therefore, there will be plenty of time for him to grow into a good fighter.

However, I do understand some of the comments about Dusty's level of competition. The truth is that Keystone boxing, from what I have witnessed, gives their fighters VERY soft touches. If you look at the records of the guys they fight, most are on a 5+ fight losing streak, with those losses coming by KO in the 1st round. Like I've said before: Matching fighters is a tricky business. You feed your fighter too many 'kicked puppies' and they develop a false sense of confidence that gets exposed when they face a real fighter. On the other hand, you feed them too many killers too early and they never develop the confidence that is necessary in this sport and become a 'kicked puppy'.

Lets give Dusty, and some of the other young fighters under the Keystone Banner a few more fights before we start demanding that they fight Floyd Mayweather.

However, they better start getting them in there with fighters who know enough to survive a 6 or 8 round fight. Becoming a better fighter is about growing and learning your craft. You don't learn by beating up fighters who offer limited resistance. Learning in boxing is always a trial and error process. You learn real quick to keep those elbows tight, hands high, and chin tucked because when you don't do it you get wacked. Same goes for a young fighter being brought up to be a potential champion, they need to be learning, evolving, and getting better. I just don't know how much learning can be accomplished if they continue to put him in there with fighters who don't offer any technical resistance.

Anonymous said...

Brian u know called a 147 pound fighter for Fox your true color has been shown u want to see that kid lose but he's back were he belongs and the next time u fake motherfucker's see him it won't be the same trust me and he will be at 135 not 147 homes

Anonymous said...

i understand trying to get the young fighters record up to part but everybody know's Buddy turned Dusty Pro because he wouldn't be able to pick the fighgs in the open class the fighters Dusty are beating now any novice class fighter will beat Buddy is hurting the kid because he will be exsposed not because of his skills he has never been in a fight in the amateurs or Pro's

Andy 5705 said...

he may not be ready for the contenders yet, but he never wanted that. he just wanted to put money in the kids pocket and he did that and more. the kid may not ever be a world champion and they know this, so whats so wrong about getting rich with what you have instead of blowing it pretending you are more by fighting a top ten fighter. lets be honest, the kid aint ready for that yet, he and his dad both know it. if they thought otherwise, they fight top guys. so they choose to be smart, get paid obviously huge amounts without taking any risk. now he is making more because of people like you wanting him to lose, and his fan-base picking up. if his dad thinks he's not ready for the tough test, why would he do such? i don't think haters like you who purposley post his wrong age among other things is going to change his mind. we all know the kid is never going to hold a major title, let him do what he can with what he has. must admit, with no amature back-ground, he sure is looking good.

Anonymous said...

If Dusty Harrison cannot hang with the open class fighters that you speak of, then why are they not doing the same thing that he is? Am I being a fool by asking these questions. Perhaps I am, for you only write these things out of jealousy. Personally, I like seeing the fans go wild at the sight of him. I find it very entertaining just as I did with pro wrestling. I did notice several former world champions hanging with him during the ring entrance. Are you smarter than them? Seems to me that they know boxing much more than you. You were in the crowd with a frown on your face because Dusty scored a knock-out in the very first round. It was you that never clapped or cheered. It was you that went home saddened by another Dusty win. You have allowed this young man to take complete control over the way you feel. You just can't help it. I am going to personally send you an "I Hate Dusty" T-shirt for Christmas.

SMH said...

LMAO I Love It. They know you.

Anonymous said...

The funny part about anonymous posts is that it's most likely the same person who has no life posting all the negative comments. lol. I bet if you did an FBI language analysis they would report that it is definitely coming from the same source. Can't wait until Gary turns on the IP tag so that you can see how many of these posts come from the same source (wireless connection, wired connection, device). It won't give a name, but it won't be hard for those who know how. You really need to let it go and support these young boxers. It was just yesterday they were JOs and Open boxers, now I guess you want them fighting world champs.