Thursday, December 13, 2012

Local Photographer Earns Accolades For Beltway Boxing Photos!

Over the years, we have had many photographers who have earned notice for doing wonderful work in capturing the action and emotion of the Beltway Boxing scene through still pictures.  One of the great photographers is Alexandria, VA's Tri Nguyen, who has shot for a number of boxing websites including and

Recently, however, the mainstream photography world has taken notice of Nguyen's work as evident by the picture you see at the top of this post.  Nguyen shot this picture of Alexandria, VA junior welterweight Todd "White Lightning" Wilson during Wilson's June 23 victory over John Willoughby at the Smith Gymnasium at Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. The cut came from an accidental head butt that bled so fiercely that Nguyen had to wipe the blood from his camera lens between rounds. 

The photo won first place in the Action Sports category in the photography trade magazine Popular Photography and also was the cover photo of the magazine's January 2013 edition.  The magazine said Nguyen "expertly captures the fighter's dogged determination and focus that led him to victory." 

This is not the first time, however, that the magazine has recognized Nguyen's talents.  Another boxing photo won Nguyen $300 in the "Your Best Shot" contest.

You can find many other great photos from Nguyen by going to his website


Ray Fitzgerald said...


I shoot sports, and would very much like to shoot boxing. Do you know anyone I can contact to ask about shooting local bouts in the DMV?

Ray Fitzgerald

Gary Digital Williams said...

I would contact one of the promoters and ask them if you could shoot some pictures. They may ask you who you are shooting for. If you are working for a media outlet, it might be easier for you.