Saturday, December 08, 2012

Huffman Wins Split Decision over Floyd!

Milwaukee, WI's David Warren Huffman has done it again. 

 Huffman has won a four-round split decision over DC's Shadeed Floyd. Huffman looked awkward at times, lunging at the fast-moving Floyd.  However, when Huffman was able to trap Floyd along the ropes and in the corners, he made the most of his opportunities.  Floyd did land some solid blows throughout the contest but two judges scored the bout for Huffman 39-37 while the other judge saw the contest 39-37 for Floyd.

In the ring now -- Kevin Rivers, Jr. vs. Alan Beeman.


Anonymous said...

Floyed got robbed

rob bell said...

You have to be blind to think he got robbed. If anything it should have been 39-37 on all 3 cards for David Warrenhuffman. And he is from Cincinnati Ohio and trains in Akron Ohio.

rob bell said...

Floyd is a great boxer I just think he should fight at 119# he was 2 small for David.