Monday, December 31, 2012

Beltway Boxing 2012 -- Prospect Of The Year!

Now comes the Prospect of the Year!

The 2012 Prospect of the Year has done a lot of traveling since his debut just two years ago.  However, he has made a steady progression in his bouts that may put him into position to make a bigger move in 2013.

The 2012 Beltway Boxing Prospect of the Year is:

Thomas “Top Dog” Williams, Jr. (11-0, eight KO’s), light heavyweight, Fort Washington, MD

The 25-year-old son of the former heavyweight contender fought five times in 2012 and scored knockouts in his last four contests.  Three of his performances were in Texas, Alabama and California.  Williams’s last two bouts raised positive eyebrows, especially his first-round knockout of Harley Kilfian on August 4 in Mobile, AL.

However, Williams’s tough fifth-round knockout of Mexican Ricardo Campillo on December 8 in Anaheim, CA opened some doors for him. The win was against a guy with a winning record on the west coast.  This was a good, gritty performance that has led to Williams’s first scheduled eight-rounder coming up on January 12 in Sunrise, FL.  This was a very solid year for Williams and has made him deserving of this selection.

Honorable Mention:

Dusty Harrison (11-0, seven KO’s), welterweight, Washington, DC

The 2011 Beltway Boxing Rookie of the Year was very busy in 2012, appearing in eight contests, seven in his hometown.  The 18-year-old Harrison moved up to a scheduled eight-round contest in just his second year of pro competition.  The fan favorite also faced some adversity as he was knocked down for the first time ever as a boxer (amateur or pro) in his August 25 bout against Marques Jackson but held on to win the contest.

Harrison has made it known that he wants to step up his level of competition in 2013.  Harrison’s new connection with noted attorney Jeff Fried could make things very interesting in the coming months.

Brandon Quarles (9-0-1, two KO’s), middleweight, Alexandria, VA

Quarles fought solid competition in three bouts in 2012.  His six-round unanimous decision win over Omar Sims on February 25 in Millersville, MD set the tone for what would be an interesting year.  Two months later, Quarles would win another six-round unanimous decision over veteran Ike Ezeji in Wilson, NC.

However, Quarles may have received more notoriety from his six-round draw against another tough veteran in John Mackey.  The October 27 bout at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA ended up being a show-stealer on the most-talked about card of the year. Quarles learned a lot during that bout and, despite not getting the win, received a solid matchup on January 11 against fellow undefeated boxer Daquan Arnett in Indio, CA.

Venroy “Hardwork” July (13-0-2, six KO’s), cruiserweight, Suitland, MD

July was the co-winner of this award in 2011 and made almost as strong a case to win it again this year as he fought against mostly veterans in his four bouts in 2012.  After stopping Zeferino Albino in the second round on February 25 at Club One Fitness in Millersville, MD, July won his first eight-round contest by unanimous decision over 13-2 Justin Howes on June 16 at DuBurns Arena in Baltimore.

July then scored back-to-back knockouts on two cards in Winchester, VA against Cullen Jones and former US Olympian Dante Craig. The coming year could be very interesting for July.  Some fans are clamoring for a bout with fellow undefeated Beltway cruiser Nick Kisner.  That would be something to see.

Terron "Kid" Grant (5-0, three KO's), lightweight, White Plains, MD

Grant has benefited by being in the same camp as Seth Mitchell because of the exposure he has received. However, Grant does have talent and resilience.  Grant's three bouts in 2012 showed some solid growth as well as the ability to come back from adversity.  After his first-round knockout of Devirous Sanders on August 4 in DC, Grant got up off the canvas in the first round against Stephan Alexander to win a four-round split decision on October 6 in Alexandria, VA.

Grant also fought on the Mitchell-Johnathon Banks card in Atlantic City and stopped 4-2 Abraham Esquivel in the first round on November 17.  The future looks very bright for this lightweight.

Previous BATB Prospects of the Year:

2006: Tyrell Samuel
2007: Tim Coleman
2008: Bayan Jargal
2009: Mark Tucker
2010: Gary Russell, Jr. and Seth Mitchell
2011:  Maurice Byarm and Venroy July

Tomorrow:  The Knockout Of The Year!


Anonymous said...

Sugarpoo would knock top dog JR out and what !!!!!! Yea nigga jump out there!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to fight him just say so. We all know that you poo bear. Sign your name. What's all the games for?

Brian said...

i will put that on in DC in a heartbeat

Brian said...

February or March

Anonymous said...

Man look here. Poo had the opportunity to sign on the dotted line and didn't do so. Top Dog is on a different level. Look where he is fighting and look where sugar poo is fighting. Need I say more?????

Anonymous said...

Ay poo I see you talking your way into a payday and a ass whopping!!!

Anonymous said...

No need...

Anonymous said...

Dont jump out there about TOP DOG. Make it happen. As a matter of fact, put your name out there and WE will make it happen. If you think you can beat him step up!!! No beef just work. And you gonna get that work put on ya. LOL

Anonymous said...

anybody else think dusty should have been prospect of the year?

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would you think
that dusty would be prospect of the year?
C-mon man you have got to be smarter than that.
There are real fighters and then there are people who are built.

Anonymous said...

Dusty? Are you serious? Dusty fought 8times this year and his combined opponents record was 14-136. 14 wins and 136 losses dude. I mean don't get me wrong dusty can fight his ass off. But facts are facts. And also. Don't you think he has to leave the dmv and establish hiself on the NATIONAL pro level?

Anonymous said...

Stephan Alexander was robbed

Anonymous said...

Man who the Fuck is Stephan Alexander??? Shut your lame ass up.

Anonymous said...

They are doing the same thing with Kevin Rivers all BUMS I wont be sbocked if they give him fighter prospect of the year its some youngins up Bold Eagle that's not evem PRO that would stop Kevin Rivers BUT only on the DMV they build you up and you really be a BUM

Anonymous said...

Top Dog os the right choice, he's proving that he has a heart of a lion. Dusty is talented but desperately needs to step up his competition, Rivers needs polishing, very wild fighter and needs to brush up on his defense. Poo.... Stop wasting your talent and fight someone,anyone, don't be like Coley who goes around keep talking about a comeback but don't train a bit!!! He just exercises his mouth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not my fault( I will fight anybody I been tryn to fight,I asked James mcalaster would he fight me he said no, somebody ask me about Daniel jacobs they said no and somebody ask me about top dog jr and top dog jr said no, and nigga you know you said no you punk as nigga play if you want I never lost to no body in dc , we sat in keystone and tryed to get gene to get me a fight, and they couldn't nobody going to take a chance on me because everybody knows I can fight for real and I'm a dog, not no mutt so, if you want to fight top dog jr send the contract to keystone and I will go sign it tomorrow morning In front of the hole gym, if you really want some real work or you can just keep fighting bums I don't blame you if you never fight me, i should have done that same thing and I would be undefeated just like you but one thing about me is I will fight when ever and who ever!!!! So like I said nigga jump out there and ima glass yo Shyt,!!!!! $ugarpoo aka the world fame

Anonymous said...

I guess you must be doing something right when you have a 23 fight veteran calling out a 11-0 prospect.

Anonymous said...

I never called him out, they called me out jack ass, and I'm I'm saying is I'm not no bitch if you want to fight legoo



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