Thursday, November 08, 2012

Weights From Cockeysville, MD!

Here is the scale watch from tonight's Jonathan Ogden Foundation card at Martin's Valley Mansion in Cockeysville, MD:

James Stevenson, 146.5 vs Damon Antoine, 144.5

Lee Snow, 164 vs. Dan Cannaday, 160.5

Tyrieshia Douglas, 112.5 vs. Sherine Thomas, 114.5

Raymundo Elliott, 126 vs. Shane Reynolds, 130.5

Rolando Chinea, 134.5 vs. Ian James, 136.5

Kelan Robey, 123.5 vs. Unique Harris, 119.5

Jeremy Trussell's bout was knocked off the card when his opponent did not have proper medical documents.  

We WILL be blogging live tonight from Cockeysville starting around 8 PM ET with a post-fight wrap-up to follow after the card.


Brian said...

Good luck to all the guys doing their work tonight!

Brian said...

You got love how busy the region has been lately

Anonymous said...


A couple of questions. When do you think first bout will start? Will show end by midnite? I'm thinking about going.

Gary Digital Williams said...

It's scheduled to start at 8 PM. I don't think it will end before midnight, but if it starts on time it has a chance.

Brock said...

Can you provide a update on the female fighter - unique Harris? Results?


Gary Digital Williams said...

Harris lost her bout. She let Robey off the hook. Harris landed some solid shots, but stopped punching.