Thursday, October 25, 2012

Suspension of USA Boxing Is Lifted!

Just hours after an AIBA-imposed suspension of all USA Boxing activities, the suspension has been lifted, allowing amateur boxing activities to proceed.  This announcement came after a letter by the current president of USA Boxing, Dr. Charles Butler, to the administration of AIBA, the international governing body of amateur boxing.   The following is the letter to all representatives of USA Boxing announcing the lifting of the suspension:

Dear Friends in Boxing,

I have just spoken with Mr. Ho Kim, Executive Director of AIBA. Mr. Kim has communicated with Dr. CK Wu over USA Boxing's letter, sent by me earlier today, on the sanctions imposed against USA Boxing by AIBA yesterday.

Mr. Kim stated that both he and Dr. Wu are fully supportive of the athletes, coaches, and membership of USA Boxing, and we are pleased to report that all boxing activity, at all levels, is free to proceed.  We have also received confirmation from our insurance carrier that USA Boxing's coverage remains in effect.

Notwithstanding Dr. Wu's and Mr. Kim's support of USA Boxing and its membership, AIBA and the USOC remain extremely concerned about USA Boxing's governance.  The USA Boxing Board of Directors has previously agreed, in principle, to a governance restructure. As your president, I am fully committed to addressing our governance issues.  Dr. Wu and Mr. Kim have asked me to express their high regard for the membership of USA Boxing, and they also request the support of all members in the reorganization process that will make us a model for the world.  Now is the time for all members to rally and support organizational change for the betterment of Olympic style boxing.

It is obvious that the reputation of our members and the good they have done through the years is what will see USA Boxing through.  You have given your time to our athletes without prejudice. You have aided all who come through our doors. Boxing is good to go!!!

Yours in boxing,


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Anonymous said...

I hereby place AIBA on suspension
for acting like a bunch of children. This suspension shall last until I deem neseccary to lift it.If within thirty years I haven't lifted it ,they have the option of getting on their hands and knees and begging.If at this time I do not think the punishment is harsh enough for the crime I shall tack another twenty years on their sentance.

Does this sound stupid to you?
Well this was how stupid their so called suspension sounded to me.
Our navy has a new secret weapon
called the eel thats right not seal, but EEL.Turn this weapon loose on them and they won't offer up anymore suspensions on anybody.