Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recap from Fairfax, VA!

Here's the recap from the Ice Promotions/Jimmy Lange Boxing card at the George Mason University Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA.

Stevensville, MD's Tony "Mo Better" Jeter wins a 10-round split decision over Jimmy Lange of Great Falls, VA.  Jeter wins the bout despite a knockdown in round two and four points taken away by referee Steve Smoger for low blows.  Jeter won by scores of 94-91 and 93-92.  The third judge scored the bout 94-91 for Lange.  Jeter is now 15-3-1, 10 KO's.  Lange falls to 38-5-2, 25 KO's.

Centreville, VA's Zain "Tiger" Shah suffered a first-round TKO from "Lightning" Harry Joe Yorgey of Bridgeport, PA.  After suffering a low blow, Shah was dropped midway through the first round by a solid straight right.  Yorgey swarmed afterwards and the bout was stopped at 2:48 of the first.  Shah loses for the first time in his career and he is 5-1, one NC, three KO's.  Yorgey is 25-1-1, 12 KO's.

Alexandria, VA's Brandon Quarles and Birmingham, AL's John "No Mercy" Mackey battled to a spirited six-round majority draw.  Each boxer scored a knockdown, with Quarles knocking down Mackey in the last 10 seconds of the contest. Mackey won the bout on one judge's card, 57-55.  The other two judges saw the bout even at 56-56.  Quarles is now 9-0-1, two KO's while Mackey is 13-8-4, six KO's.

The middleweight contest between Reston, VA's Lawrence Jones and DC's Ivan "King Shango" Ziglar ended in a no-contest in the second round after a clash of heads caused a gash over Jones's left eye that could not be closed by the doctor.  Jones's record is 4-6-1, one NC, one KO while Ziglar is now 7-2-1, one NC, four KO's.

DC super middleweight "The Honorable" Mark Baltimore lost a four-round unanimous decision to Immanuwel Aleem of Richmond, VA. Aleem showed exceptional hand speed in the first two rounds that Baltimore could not keep up with.  By the time, Baltimore got his rhythm, it was a little too late.  Scores were 39-37 twice and 40-36.  Aleem is 3-0, two KO's.  Baltimore is 1-1, one KO.

DC super middleweight "The King's Son" Jerry Odom made his pro debut a successful one with a first-round stoppage of the equally debuting Darryl Fields of Akron, OH.  Odom swarmed Fields throughout the contest before the bout was stopped at 1:11.

Reston, VA welterweight Joseph "Raw Talent" Rector lost by first-round TKO to the dangerous David Warren Huffman of Milwaukee, WI.  Huffman stunned Rector with a straight right hand and was able to finish him at 1:08 of the round.  Rector is 1-1, one KO while Huffman is 2-8, one KO.

Burke, VA super middleweight Antoine "Action" Douglas scored a first-round TKO in his pro debut stopping Valdez Eason with body shots to end Eason's night at 1:30 of the round.  Eason is 0-7.

DC cruiserweights Andre Ward and Mario "Bazooka" Flores fought to a hard-hitting, four-round majority draw.  Both young cruiserweights landed powerful shots but neither man could get a real edge.  Flores did get one decision on a judge's card, 39-37 while the other two judges scored the bout 38-38.  Ward is 1-1-2, one KO while Flores is 1-1-1, one KO.

Akron, OH journeyman middleweight Damon Antoine won a four-round unanimous decision over Shakir Ashanti of Greensboro, NC.  Antoine, whose bout was a late addition to the card, looked strong and was dominant over Ashanti, winning by scores of 40-35 twice and 40-36. Ashanti had one point taken away for low blows.  The win breaks a five-bout losing streak for Antoine and is his second in his last 17 bouts.  Antoine is 11-42-1, five KO's while Ashanti is 16-14, four KO's.

Here is a lengthy BATB Post-Fight Wrap-Up that contains an interview with Tony Jeter and some rather coarse language--listener discretion is advised.


Anonymous said...

Jeter won by scores of 94-91 and 93-92. The third judge scored the bout 94-91 for Lange

In rounds a score of 94 to 91 would have to be 9 rounds Jeter with 1 10 to 10 round. Or perhaps the knockdown was only called a 1 point deduction and not a 2 point deduction and Lange won one round, presumably the second.

The 93 to 92 score with 6 points taken from Jeter would have been 8rounds for Jeter, one for Lange, and one even. Or again, if the judge deducted only one point for the knockdown would have been 8 rounds Jeter, 2 rounds Lange.

The 94-91 card for Lange would have been 6 rounds Jeter, 3 rounds Lange, one even.

Given the history of the Virginia Boxing Commission messing up on the scorecards of numerous boxing matches and MMA matches, the cards for this bout need to be made public.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Like I said on the recap, I do believe one judge (the 93-92 score) called the second-round knockdown a 10-9 situation rather than a 10-8.

I don't think that was entirely wrong -- it was a flash situation where Jeter's knees briefly touched. That could have been scored in that manner.

But that did affect the score of the bout greatly.

I plan to call the VA commission to see if they will release the cards to the public.

Anonymous said...

tony won and everyone that was there last night for the fights know he jeter won even with all those points deducted, all jimmy did is lay on the ropes get hit and throw a flurry or two each round,

Anonymous said...

Tony Jeter is a credit to our race....the human race

Garcia said...

Joanie Lange is blind. Tony whipped that ass every single round. Pop Lange is a fake, always bragging that he is the mafia, he ain't no damn mafia. If he was he would not be telling anyone who will listen.He anit even Itallion for real.What a fake and he got exposed last night. "I'm the mafia" I'm a real gangster" I run VA Boxing" man, pop lange aint shit.

Anonymous said...

i was at the fight last night all in all it was a sound show but i have one major issue once again mr jones so called ring annoucer putting himself first ,where was the respect for are fallen one of our own not one word was issued for a man that has done so much for are beloved sport where was the ten count the moment of silence for the great Emanuel steward .i saw you down there kissing ass like you always do last december we had to listen to wine about how you were not chosen for the main event peterson khahn the main event the big boy club well take a second and think why it is wright in front of your face . you lack class well let me show you some mr steward we will miss you may god bless your soul ding ging ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ,

Gary Digital Williams said...

You must have either left early or went to the restroom. There WAS a ten-count done for Mr. Steward right before the entrances for the main event.

FYI: that wouldn't have been Jones's call. That would have been the promoters call. But for the record, it did take place.

Anonymous said...

Way to call em out at put "Anonymous" in his place. If his fat ass wasn't in line to get another order of nachos, chips, and a hotdog, he would've witnessed the ten count. Now don't you feel like a moron!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea how tall Gary was until sat. I felt like a child when he walked by