Monday, October 22, 2012

Peterson Now Must Face Kendall Holt, Not Judah!

There has been a major shift in opponents for IBF Junior Welterweight champion Lamont PetersonRing Magazine's Lem Satterfield is reporting that the previous mandatory challenger -- former world champion Zab Judah -- is now out of the picture and the next in line is another former world champion, Kendall "Rated R" Holt.

IBF Championships Chairman Lindsay Tucker told Satterfield that Judah had from this past Friday until noon today to sign a contract for a Peterson-Judah contest.  Judah did not sign the contract.

"They didn't sign the contract at 12 o'clock, so we went to the next available guy, and that's Kendall Holt. So right now, Holt has been ordered to start negotiations with Peterson as the leading, available contender," Tucker told Satterfield.

Satterfield also says that Judah expressed that he didn't get the contract in a timely enough fashion, in part, because he believed Peterson (30-1-1, 15 KO's) wanted to fight current WBO champion Timothy Bradley in a rematch of their December 2009 contest that Bradley won.

 "Zab's people came up with a technicality on the contract, and after our legal people reviewed it, they said that there was nothing wrong with the contract, so we gave Zab until 12 noon today to sign the contract," Tucker said.

Headbangers Promotions, who won the purse bid to promote a potential Peterson-Judah contest, now will be working with Holt's promoter Gary Shaw to bring a Peterson-Holt bout together between now and November 22.

Holt (28-5, 16 KO's) won the WBO title in December of 2008 and lost the title to Bradley in April of  2009. Holt lost a 12-round split decision to current WBA and WBC champ Danny Garcia, who may make his next defense against Judah.  Holt's last outing was a second-round TKO of Tim Coleman on March 16 in Cabazon, CA.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that this fight will happen in DC?

Gary Digital Williams said...

I think the chances are still pretty good that the bout happens in DC. Talking to reps from Headbangers, they still want the bout in the city.

Anonymous said...

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Gary Digital Williams said...

What the topic is has nothing to do with that last comment. This is not a political blog, this is a boxing blog. My suggestion is that you post that on my buddy Alec Kohut's blog, Politics and a Beer.

Anonymous said...

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