Saturday, October 06, 2012

Grant Wins Tough Split Decision!

Terron Grant wins a four-round split decision over Stephon Alexander in an extremely close fight.  Alexander scored a knockdown on Grant in the first, although it did look like a slip from ringside.  The knockdown made no real difference, however.

The scores were 39-37 and 38-37 for Grant and 39-37 for Alexander.  Grant is 4-0, two KO's.  Alexander is now 4-5, four KO's.

Brief intermission now.


Anonymous said...

grant should say thank you he got a gift before xmas

Anonymous said...

go back check the tape a clean left hand landed and put him down. It's no way Alexander lost that fight. His last three fights shouldn't have been a lose. thats what happen when your in the home of the other fighter. I truly believe if he gets a fair shot on fair land he will beat most of them fighters.

Anonymous said...

I see why the boxing industry not successful like wrestling. A win is a win. Just because we in your hometown don't mean you should automatically win. If somebody beat that but then you just got it beat. Home town favorite or not and the commissioner know that as well. That's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Some people should spell check before they post