Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Evening From The Patriot Center!

Hi again everyone from Fairfax, VA for tonight's 10-bout card.  This is a card that is being called simply stacked.  Here is the order of bouts:

Four rounds, middleweight -- Damon Antoine vs. Shakir Ashanti.

Four rounds, cruiserweight -- Andre Ward vs. Mario Flores.

Four rounds, super middleweight -- Antoine Douglas vs Valdez Eason.

Four rounds, welterweight -- Joseph Rector vs. David Warren Huffman.

Four Rounds, super middleweight -- Jerry Odom vs. Darryl Fields.

Four Rounds, super middleweight -- Mark Baltimore vs. Immanuwel Aleem.

Six rounds, middleweight -- Lawrence Jones vs. Ivan Ziglar.

Six rounds, middleweight -- Brandon Quarles vs. John Mackey.

Co-Main Event, six rounds, middleweight -- Zain Shah vs. Harry Joe Yorgey.

Main Event, 10 rounds, middleweight -- Jimmy Lange vs. Tony Jeter.

We'll be recording a pre-fight show on the BATB Spreaker page that you can hear shortly.  Please send any comments that you have!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, great pics by Juan Marshall on his site. I noticed a man in the background I never saw before and I also noticed I didn't see Dave Holland in any photos. Has there been a change at the VA Commission?

Anonymous said...

can we follow on Twitter? are you tweeting from the fight? you should.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Not that I know. Holland is here tonight. Interesting list of referees though. Steve Smoger, Vic DeWysocki, Chris Wollensen and Geno DelBlanco. This will be the first Jimmy Lange main event without Joe Cooper.

Anonymous said...

well if he's there he's still in richmond too. thanks for the info. wishful thinking.

should be a great card. hopefully wollensen won't screw up too much. smoger is the best in the game. dewysocki is okay too. i don't know delblanco but wollensen is one of the worst in the world.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I may do some on Twitter. All depends on time.

Shawn P. said...

Great card so far! My first pro fight. Breaking into the ring announcing game with guidance from "Discombobulating" Jones. I am hooked!!!