Saturday, October 06, 2012

Good Evening From Arlington!

Hi everyone from the Smith Gymnasium on the Fort Myer/Henderson Hall Joint Military Base in Arlington, VA.  We are here for the RBA Promotions card.

My apologies for not getting the weights out, but there were some last-minute changes to this card and I never received those changes.

Before I tell you who is on the card, let me say who is not.  We will not see locals Greg Newby or Zakki Scott. Apparently, their bouts fell out.

So here is the lineup for tonight: 

Bout 1: Joseph Rector (Fairfax, VA) 141 pounds vs. Samson Townes (Richmond, VA) 144.  Both boxers making pro debuts.

Bout 2:  Jerry "Slug" Forrest (1-0, one KO, Newport News, VA) vs. Wayne "Hammerhead" Hampton (5-6, three KO's, Cheverly, MD)

Bout 3:  Terron "The Kid" Grant (3-0, two KO's, Upper Marlboro, MD) 133 vs. Stephan Alexander (4-4, four KO's, Norfolk, VA) 135.

Bout 4: Juan "The Savior" Rodriguez (4-2-1, four KO's, Haymarket, VA) vs. Damon Antoine (10-40-2, five KO's, Akron, OH).

Bout 5:  Duane Mobley (5-0, four KO's, Upper Marlboro, MD) vs. Dennis Benson (1-3, one KO, Norfolk, VA.)

Only the Mobley-Benson bout is six rounds.  All others are four rounders.

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