Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day Two Of National PAL's A Tough One for Beltway Amateurs!

The second day of competition at the National PAL Boxing Tournament in Toledo, OH was a rough one for local boxers, but there were still a number of quality victories.

Fort Washington, MD's Marquis Moore won a 27-10 decision over Jermaine Howlett of Chicago, IL in the Open Male 165 pound division.  Moore is the 2012 Armed Forces champion.

Also in open competition, Antwan Robinson of Baltimore won a 17-14 decision over Kevin Ford of St. Louis, MO at 123 pounds.  However, Gary Antonio Russell of Capitol Heights, MD lost in the same weight class by a 14-10 decision to Emmanuel Folly of Philadelphia, PA.

In the Open 141-pound division, Montell Prudgett of Baltimore lost by RSC-3 to Evander Lamourt of Tampa, FL.  At 152 pounds, Kareem Martin of Clinton, MD lost by tiebreaker 15-15 (52-50 in punch count) to Samuel Valentin of Land O'Lakes, FL while Shawn Woodford of Salisbury, MD lost by RSC-3 to William Hill of Detroit, MI.

In the Open 165-pound class, Demond Nicholson of Laurel, MD lost a 9-5 decision to Christopher Galeano of the Bronx, NY.

In intermediate action, Jason Bell of District Heights, MD won his bout in the 15-16 year old/165 pound class by a 17-3 score over Raquil Hayes of Warminster, PA.  In the Junior Division, Lorenzo Simpson of Baltimore won his bout in the 11-12, 110 pound division by a 9-4 score over Chavon Davis of Mansfield, OH.  Juan Jenkins of Baltimore lost by tiebreaker 8-8 (22-21) to Davis Paris of Rochester, NY.


Mr. Nut Cracker said...

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Anonymous said...

You have some serious issues!

Anonymous said...

I like your little paragraph buddy. You should turn it into a poem but boxing and karate are two different sports. A boxer would beat any other athlete in a boxing match if they both have the same level of talent. Go pick on a MMA guy my friend.

Anonymous said...

maybe, but karate people train very hard too

Judo said...

Congrats to the team that represented.