Friday, September 07, 2012

Youth To Be Served at Convention Center September 29!

Two more members of the Beltway's "Next Wave" of now-former amateur champions will make their pro debuts on the Keystone Boxing card on Saturday, September 29 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC.

Palmer Park, MD lightweight Kevin Rivers, Jr. and Hillcrest Heights, MD light heavyweight Jarrett Hurd join what is already a loaded class of 2012 by making their maiden voyage into the pro ranks on this card.  Rivers was a multi-time regional Golden Gloves champion and made numerous trips overseas in competition.  Rivers was named the Outstanding Amateur of 2009 by the DC Boxing Hall of Fame.  Hurd is also a former regional Golden Gloves champion who may be remembered in the amateur ranks for an outstanding bout with D'Mitrius Ballard at the 2011 Golden Gloves semi-finals.  Hurd lost the bout but rose in stature during that contest.  Hurd fought and won his last amateur bout on August 31 at Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center.

Rivers and Hurd will join four more members of the Beltway Rookie Class of 2012 who are slated to be on this card -- DC welterweights David "Day-Day" Grayton (1-0, one KO) and Harold "Sweet Lee" Parker (2-1, two KO's), DC heavyweight Danny "Smooth" Kelly (1-0, one KO) and DC-born, Baltimore-based flyweight Tyrieshia "Baby Girl" Douglas (1-0, one KO).

We are just receiving word that a few of the bouts have been signed for the card.  Dusty Harrison (8-0, four KO's) will be taking on veteran Shane Gierke of Youngstown, OH (5-26-2, four KO's) in the six-round main event.  Grayton will face Antonio Sadler of Columbia, SC (1-1-1, one KO).  Kelly battles Aaron "The Animal" Kinch of Newark, NJ (3-0-1, one KO) and Hurd will debut against Stanley Harvey of Norfolk, VA (1-2, one KO).


Jack Meoff said...

Keystone is really opening the doors for these local fighters. Hopefully, this type of shows will continue. It's the only chance some of these boxers will ever have to pursue their dream. Looks to be another exciting show in the Nations Capital. Keep it up Keystone.

Anonymous said...

This thing they are calling a fight with Shane Geirke is sad.
This guy is not a fighter.
he comes for a paycheck.
been knocked out 19 times.
And you say this is good for the area Mr Williams.
This is the main event isn't it?

Gary Digital Williams said...

I didn't say fighting Shane Gierke was good for the area. It's all about the prospect getting experience. Yes it is the main event. But why do you want to move him with a really tough opponent? We saw what happened on the last card with a number of the locals.

Gierke's a veteran who has lost a number of steps.

Brian said...

Here we go another blow hard. Tell us who should be fighting in the man event?

Brian said...

oh yeah don't forget to join us two weeks from tonight

EDW said...

brian she is just hatin on u. she noes nothing about boxing she would say bad things on here no matter what the card looks like. she said bad things about the last card, yet there were many upsets, and main event dusty even gets knocked down in the 6th. gary is right, why move him to fast, he is a damn kid. brian, u r doing a great job, the local new boxers r lucky to have u in there corner. she is always just saying shit even when she doesnt believe her own stuff. misery loves company. good luck to you brian and all the dc md va fighters you reprsent.