Saturday, September 15, 2012

Results From Mayor's Youth Cup!

Here are results from the second and final day of the 2012 Mayor's Youth Cup held at the Richard England Boys and Girls Club in Northeast Washington today. (I was unable to attend the first night of action.)

65 Pounds -- Quincey Williams (Rosedale) over Jacob Mathews (Enigma)

75 Pounds -- Stacey Selby (Langdon) over Jalil Hackett (Enigma)

75 Pounds -- Dennis Ziegler (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Lawrence Makol (Enigma)

75 Pounds -- Chamar Flowers (Headbangers) over Daylynn Jones (unattached)

80 Pounds -- Leon Jones (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Marquis Balloon (Rosedale)

85 Pounds -- Mekhi Payne (Dream Team) over Salvador Escamilla (Langdon)

121 Pounds -- Denzel Jones (Charm City) over Favion David (Enigma)

165 Pounds (female) -- Jessica Francois (Headbangers) over Imelda Abonza (Port City, Wilmington, NC)

165 Pounds -- Gregory Clark (NOMIS) RSC-2 over Sean Dews (Tony's Gym)

201+ Pounds (Novice)  -- Jerrod Bowling (Woodland) RSC-2 over Charles Ellis (Port City, Wilmington, NC)

152 Pounds (Novice) Ronald Fung-Chung (unattached) over Lamont Ridley (Emporia, VA)

152 Pounds (Novice) Alfredo Weeks (Supreme Defence) over Tyrone Anderson (NOMIS)

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