Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peterson-Judah Talks Get Serious; Purse Bid Slated for October 2!

Ring Magazine's Lem Satterfield is reporting that talks between the camps of IBF Junior Welterweight champion Lamont Peterson and mandatory challenger and former world champ Zab Judah have reached a critical stage.  The IBF has given the camps until Tuesday, October 2 at noon to come to terms for a title bout or the bout will go to a purse bid.

 "We gave them the initial 30 days to negotiate, and they claimed that they couldn't get it done. So we gave them an additional week, and then they came back last night and asked for some more time, but we told them 'no.' So the purse bid letter went out today," IBF Championships Chairman Lindsay Tucker told Satterfield.  

Peterson's manager and trainer Barry Hunter tells the Ring that if the bout happens, it could take place in DC in November at either the DC Armory or the Washington Convention Center.  Hunter said that the delay in finalizing the deal could because Judah recently had a death in the family.

"I hope that all is well with Zab and his family during his time of grieving, and, hopefully, once he is beyond that, then we can get on with our business," said Hunter, who is dealing directly with the Judah Family.

"But I'm not trying to rush the man during this difficult time. It's just that, unfortunately, we're under a time frame within which to get this thing done. That's where we're at."


ACW said...

Okay, what's a "purse bid"?

Gary Digital Williams said...

A purse bid is when promotions can openly bid on a bout if the two sides can't get together on a card.

ACW said...

Oh wow. So normally the two sides choose the promotion company they want, but in cases like these, it goes to like an auction? Huh.

Gary Digital Williams said...

That's it in a nutshell. The only slight difference is that no real promotional companies are involved in this case. Barry Hunter is in direct negotiations with the Judah family.

Anonymous said...

Got to have tv for this, doubtful that HBO would buy Judah.

Anonymous said...

Barry said this. Barry said that. Barry did this. Barry did that. Yeah Barry taught them boys how to box but he doin a little to much.