Sunday, August 19, 2012

'Real Deal' Steele Heads to Newark, NJ September 8!

Staunton, VA junior welterweight Christian "Real Deal" Steele returns to action on Saturday, September 8 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Steele (3-4, one KO) will face Jose Peralta Alejo of Jersey City, NJ by way of the Dominican Republic (9-1, five KO's) in a six-round contest.

We haven't talked a lot about Steele because most of his bouts have taken place outside of the Beltway region and no one alerted us to his work. His only bout in the area was his last one where he won a four-round majority decision over Juan Rodriguez on June 23 in Arlington, VA.

Alejo will be facing a Beltway Boxer for the third time in his career. His last outing was a fourth-round TKO over Dontre King on June 16th at the Prudential Center.  Alejo also won a six-round unanimous decision over Lenwood Dozier in February in Philadelphia, PA.


Anonymous said...

Steele does not live around the metro area.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Staunton, according to the Washington Post, is considered in the metro region.

Anonymous said...

Gary he doesn't live in Staunton.
The last two years he's been in the carolinas and now he lives in another state.He is a good little fighter and somebody needs to claim him so why not the beltway Region. a pryor statement a while back you said Winchester wasn't in the metro region.Guess what?
Winchester is alot closer than Staunton.
Just keeping it real action jackson