Friday, August 10, 2012

L.Peterson Remains IBF Champion; Must Honor Mandatory Against Judah!

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) has ruled that DC's Lamont Peterson will remain the federation's Junior Welterweight champion.  The IBF's ruling was based on the findings of an independent physician who is certified in internal medicine and endocrinology who reviewed Peterson's medical records that were sent to the Volunteer Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) in May.  Peterson won both the IBF and WBA titles from Amir Khan in Washington, DC on December 10, 2011.  The WBA stripped Peterson of their version of the title because of the positive test for synthetic testosterone.

From the IBF's press release:  "The physician was asked by the IBF to provide an opinion as to whether the levels of testosterone noted in the VADA report appeared to be consistent with the therapeutic use of the hormone, or for performance enhancing purposes. Additionally, the physician was asked to confer on whether these levels of testosterone would have enhanced Lamont Peterson’s training for and performance during the bout on December 10, 2011, and for his training for the bout scheduled for May 19, 2012.

After concluding the review of all the documentation provided by Peterson’s camp and the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the physician determined that the testosterone levels noted in the VADA report are consistent with the therapeutic use of the hormone and not for the purpose of performance enhancement. Therefore, these levels would not have enhanced Lamont Peterson’s training for or performance during the bout on December 10, 2011. Nor for his training for the bout that was schedule for May 19, 2012, as a specimen collected by VADA on April 13, 2012 tested negative on May 2, 2012."

The IBF has advised the Peterson camp of these findings and also told the camp that they must make a mandatory title defense against the number one contender -- former world champion Zab "Super" Judah.  The bout should have taken place before September 10, but that date was postponed pending the receipt of the endocrinologist's report.  The IBF has ordered immediate negotiations for a date and location for a bout that will take place as soon as all parties agree to the conditions.

Here are my brief comments on this story:


Anonymous said...

Ain't no thang.
Lamont will get that ass too.

Anonymous said...

Lamont da man , such a humble dude . Zab judah is easy work . #justiceforPeterson

Anonymous said...

Not to harp to much but it is amazing there isnt a lot of people apologizing for the comments when lamont tested positvive all the name calling but only a few post to say was served, that kid has been straight across the board since i and many people have known him y would he change Go Carol

Gary Digital Williams said...

That is very true. I alluded to that in my comments.

The people who were calling Peterson names like "Lamont Cheaterson" have grown very silent, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

How is it that he can use drugs and get away with this what the hell is wrong with you people he took steroids how can you get away with that and y'all talk dumb, he tested positive stop acting like a jack ass Gary Williams you are alil dumb if you ask me and a Lil goofy

Gary Digital Williams said...

Because it was PROVEN that the steroids would not enhance his performance. Not all steroids are used for the same purpose.