Saturday, August 25, 2012

Huffman wins Majority Decision in Rematch Over Gaines!

Best bout of the night so far David Warren Huffman wins a four-round majority decision over Renaldo Gaines.  Great action as Huffman did some damage in the later rounds.

Huffman wins his first pro bout and he is 1-7.  Gaines is 2-1.

Co-feature is up now -- Harold Parker vs. Richie Andrews.


Anonymous said...

Was that the same ref in Huffman fight that did Khan vs. Cheaterson? If so, it was almost a carbon copy. Point deduction and like 15 mins before scorecards were turned in. Mike

Gary Digital Williams said...

Yep. It was Joe Cooper. But Huffman deserved the decision.

Anonymous said...

Renaldo "Waldo" lost to a guy who was 0-7. Waldo acted like afool during the weighins and at the beginning of the fight. His own family was ashamed of him and actually wanted him to lose. His mom is a major problem for the team. His dad is the one who trys to keep things in order, but she causes rift raft where ever she goes.