Friday, August 24, 2012

Chevalier Referees World Title Bout September 1 in Panama!

(Photo by Juan Marshall)

He has long been considered one of the best referees to ever come out of the Beltway region.  Over the years, however, the entire boxing world has come to know how great he is as a referee.

 Longtime local ref Kenny Chevalier (left) will be the third man in the ring when Moruti Mthalane of South Africa defends his IBF World Flyweight title against Ricardo Nunez of Panama on Saturday, September 1 at the Roberto Duran Arena in Panama City, Panama.

According to, this is Chevalier's ninth world title bout and his third that has taken place outside of the United States after previous trips to South Africa and Mexico.  Among some of the great title bouts Chevalier has worked include William Joppy's third bout against Julio Cesar Green in September of 1999, the All-Beltway title bout between champion Sharmba Mitchell and challenger Reggie Green in April of 1999 (both at the Verizon Center) and Andrew Council's bid for the middleweight title against Bernard Hopkins in November of 1997 at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD.


Anonymous said...

Great ref? Are you kidding? I know you remember George Rivera vs. Jesse Nicklow One. Worst ref of all time! Check that, Joe Cooper is the worst, followed by Earnie Green, then Kenny Chevalier.

Anonymous said...

Joe Pooper shoot is the worst ever. He grabbed Khan's sac, while Peterson hit him. Bad, just bad!

Gary Digital Williams said...

Who is Earnie Green?

Anonymous said...

Gary, you are looking great in that pic!

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ernie Green is an official out of the tidewater area.
I witnessed him more than once
see someone get dinged in the ring and give the fighter that threw the punch not the one that got hit the eight count.Mr green doesn't have any bad intentions he just is to old and can't properly officiate the sport on any level.
He has put alot of time in the sport but his time to watch and not officiate has come and gone many times.

Unknown said...

I didn't like Chevalier and i dont like him even more after the Russel Jr v Diaz fight last night. Every time he went in to break the fighters he always pulled Diaz away by the arm or pushed him back, showing total bias for Russell whom,like himself is from Maryland...bullsh*t ref!
And Joe Cooper has no problem showing u he's in the promoters pocket. That Khan v Peterson fight says it all! Khan won that fight but Peterson was declared the victor. I'm from DC but I don't care one way or the other, if it's a homeboy or not, I like to see good officiating and the right guy win...period.