Sunday, July 01, 2012

Womack, Jr. Stopped in Connecticut!

Baltimore junior welterweight Kevin "The Scarecrow" Womack, Jr. lost by fourth-round TKO Saturday night to fellow undefeated boxer Edwin Soto of New Haven, CT at the Lions Den Fitness Center in Middletown, CT.

According to noted boxing writer JR Jowett (whom I thank for personally sending BATB the update), Soto was just too aggressive for Womack.  Soto never knocked Womack down but battered him throughout the contest forcing Eddie Claudio to eventually stop the bout at 2:10 of the fourth.

Womack loses for the first time in his pro career and has a record of 4-1, two KO's. Womack will try to bounce back from this loss on the Jeter Promotions card slated for September 22 at Club One Fitness in Millersville, MD.  Soto is now 9-0-2, four KO's.


Anonymous said...

womack loss so early in his career,who got him beat up like that....thats just piss poor management,somebody need to do better research if they care about their boxer

Anonymous said...


Cressi said...

And just a few days ago, we were discussing soft opponants for the local guys. It goes to show you that matching carefully is so important. Thumbs up to Brian Dillon! He looks out for all the local boxers.

ibbi87 said...

Its so early for womack to loose as he had just started winning and al of the sudden he went down. That is not a good sign for his career.

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Brian said...

I am shocked that Womack lost this one like he did. I thought for certain he would win or loose a rip off decision. Wow this is tough, but Womack will be back

Anonymous said...

you fucking cowards
It's called the fight game for a reason.
people are supposed to fight not climb through the ropes with dead bodies everytime

RJ West Side said...

Actually, you are wrong. It's a business and someone screwed up the game plan. The poor guy was learning how to fight and someone did not do the homework. You fucking retard!

Anonymous said...

that kid womack,should consider training at the upton boxing center,down thier in baltimore i'm sure those guys can up his conditioning before he wind up on the meat wagon fighting for money

caligula said...

good job

Anonymous said...

you call it a busniess.
how much money will the average fighter make in his life time as a fighter?
On an average fighters have probobly 10 to fifteen fights.
How much do they make for each one of those fights.I would guess averaged out it would be around $1000.00 per bout if they make it to ten round main event status after 7 or 8 bouts.
Now they have made about ten thousand dollars and how much do you think is profit from that?
Tally up all the associated costs just getting to fight night and stepping through the ropes.
Your average fighter looses plenty of money just trying to have a career at boxing.
not much of as busniess now is it .
So if they aren't going to make any money at it then at least they ought to leave the sport saying that they have fought some legitimate fights and not some bouts that some matchmaker took care of them on.
And some might say that although
less than 1% make any real money
that at least they have to try.
Horse shit.
These people that sit on the telephone and put bouts together take no punches to the head and generally make about 25%of the purse,and thats what you fighters see the real money they make you don't even know about because sooner or later your ass is being sold out so they can make a bigger deal for another fighter that will put more money in their pocket.So maybe I was wrong it is a busniess,just not a busniess for fighters but it is derfinatley a busniess for somebody that never takes a punch to the brain socket.

You people really are very slow in catching on.
The best matchmaker is a piece of dung before it is over with.
Don't trust anyone that makes money off of you getting punched in the mug.

Anonymous said...

that sounds about right

Brian said...

Its the fight game and it doesn't survive or keep moving without the "guy who don't take punches."

Anonymous said...

That doesn't change the facts
Mr Brian.I'm sorry if my comments offend you but the truth is very sharp isn't it.

Brian said...

Comments don't offend me one bit. I am an open book, I love criticism and accollades just the same.

Brian said...

i love good ole discussion

Anonymous said...

Womack needs to stay active, an early loss means nothing if he learns from it. I have watch dKevin from an early age, he has bad habits, he fights w his hands low, dope his jab after throwing it, is open for the counter and plays too much in the ring. H has a greatbframe for his weight, can it when he sis down on his punches and has fast hands. I wish him the best and look forward tonseing him in the ring soon.