Monday, June 11, 2012

'Too Sharp' Gets the Hall of Fame Ring!

Here is the moment -- where Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson displays his International Boxing Hall of Fame induction ring alongside his fellow inductees.  From left to right, legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer, Johnson, long-time champion Thomas Hearns, boxing broadcaster Al Bernstein, trainer Freddie Roach and boxing writer Michael Katz.  (photo by Boxing Bob Newman)


Grahm said...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of the new inductees.

Discombobulating Jones said...

I think it's fair to say I am rarely left speechless..but that's exactly what happened while attending the Hall of Fame Induction this past Sunday. I'm still in awe and admiration.

Kudos to all of the inductees, but of course my allegiance is with 2Sharp and Buffer, the two guys in this game who have helped me the most. I continue to draw motivation from both and live through them vicariously because they are Class Acts.

It was great seeing so many DMV boxing fans and friends up there who came to support Mark, which goes to show 2Sharp is more loved and respected than one might think. Max Kellerman was right in calling him "the Best Flyweight..of ALL TIME!" Congrats Champ.

It was great spending time with our local Photographer Mike Greenhill too. He has a wonderful story of his nothing less then MIRACULOUS recovery from a coma..and now has "a different picture of life!" WOW! That's whats up.

We missed you Digital. Be sure to ask our colleague Jerome "Fight Doctor" Spears about the film footage he has with Thomas Hearns. The Hitman remarks on camera are as funny as it comes and will live forever. He is a Stand-up Act waiting to happen. Who knew?

Several of the inductees, notably Michael Katz and Buffer,
"referenced" the terrible decision given PacMan the previous night against Bradley...which should go into the Hall of SHAME, certainly not into this Hall of FAME!

I hope to see some of you at the fights, this Sat June 16th at DuBurns Arena, Sat June 23rd at Ft Meyers Henderson Hall and back at the DC Convention Ctr July 14th. Boxing in the DMV is still alive and well. Happy Fathers Day to those to whom it applies. Peace..

Valeeka Johnson said...

Thank you Gary for your continued suppport. Mark is proud yet so humble to receive this great honor. You have been an important voice heard throughout his career and he could not ask for a better ally. Our family appreciate you. Thank you again!

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thanks to you Henry and to you, Valeeka! I only wish circumstances would have allowed me to be there.

I'm so proud of Mark and I feel truly honored to know that I was able to follow Mark's pro career all the way to this point! It's not every day that we get this opportunity.

I thank you once again, Valeeka, for your very kind words!

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