Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recap From Arlington, VA!

Here's a recap from the RBA Promotions Card at the Smith Gymnasium on the Fort Myer/Henderson Hall Joint Military Base in Arlington, VA:

Fairfax, VA junior welterweight Todd "White Lightning" Wilson remains undefeated with a six-round unanimous decision over John Willoughby of Selma, AL.  Wilson won despite possibly breaking his left hand in the second round and suffering a cut along his right eye in the third.  Wilson is now 14-0, four KO's while John Willoughby is now 3-13, two KO's.

Staunton, VA junior welterweight Christian "The Real Deal" Steele won a four-round majority decision over Juan "The Savior" Rodriguez.  Steele won by two scores of 39-37 to even his record to 3-3, one KO while Rodriguez loses his second straight bout at Smith Gymnasium and falls to 4-2-1, four KO's.

Upper Marlboro, MD heavyweight Duane Mobley recovered from a first-round knockdown to stop Baltimore, MD's Kevin "Journeyman" Johnson at 1:36 of the third round.  Mobley is now 3-0, two KO's while Johnson is now 3-5, two KO's.

Richmond, VA super middleweight Immanuel Aleem made his pro debut a successful one with a first-round TKO of Lynchburg, VA's Jess "Thunder" Noriega.  Aleem used a punishing body shot to stop Noriega at 2:04 of the first.  Noriega is 0-3.

Hillcrest Heights, MD light heavyweight "The Honorable" Mark Baltimore won his pro debut, stopping Fernando "El Matador" Alvarez of Fairfax, VA at 2:43 of the first.  Baltimore dropped Alvarez twice, including a vicious left uppercut-right hook combo that stopped the bout.  Alvarez is now 1-1.

We have a video-only edition of the BATB Post-Fight Wrap-Up show with myself and fellow DC Boxing Hall of Famer "The Fight Doctor" Jerome Spears.  There was background music that was louder than we thought but I think you'll be able to hear us and our guests -- Immanuel Aleem, promoter Dr. Richard Ashby and Todd Wilson.


Anonymous said...

Steele and rodriguez fight, very entertaining.Alot of good boxing and thinking on Steeles part and Rodriguez is a bull with alot of heart and a fair amount of talent himself.
Congradulations on a nice
show Dr Ashby.
Scott Farmer

Anonymous said...

Wilson is a BUM!

RichardMcCombs said...

Gary I would like to say thank you for staying true and giving us the boxing community a place to come...(Boxing Along the beltway) for many years you stayed fresh with topics and at times caught some heat for doing this right and calling it fair; you always showed true professionalism:) your a real class act and I am very proud of you Mr.Gary Williams a true Beltway Legend.

Anonymous said...

will you quit sucking ass?

Anonymous said...

wilson vs rodriguez that would be a good match up,

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thanks as always, Richard!

Anonymous said...

Wilson wont take a fight aginst juan Rodriguez enen if the kid is comeing out of 2 loses.Wilson TRUE BUM

Anonymous said...

AGREE wilson needs to step his game up fighting nothing but cans

Anonymous said...

Did McCombs even fight or did he run to the little girls room again?

Gary Digital Williams said...

He did not fight -- he was unable to fight on the card.

Anonymous said...

Figures Mr G. McCombs doesn't need to fight and all the praying in the world aint gonna make him a fighter..

Or just match him against your best buddy Larry Brothers for the loser championship of the DMV.

RichardMcCombs said...

You couldn't beat me one any given sunday mr.stalker aka #1 fan :)

Anonymous said...

I happen to like Richard he's a very nice and respectful youngman and you guys here should give him a break. I know he can fight he's worked out and sparred at my Gym.

Anonymous said...

Wilson is the next world champ from the dmv

inside scoop said...

Richard was ready to fight but the promoter told him the fight was at 187lbs then his guy called and said he was 178lbs and Richard could not commit to the weight.As for Wilson he is on his way to the top just as tony Jeter,Dusty Harrison,Gary Russell are aswell.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair for you to mention these other peoples name in the same paragraph as Gary Russell.They aren't even close to the talent of little G.
And I can promise you they won't get to that position in boxing.
Guess it's just somebody trying to swing off of somebody elses hard work and accomplishments.

Frank VA 44 said...

Actually, Jeter, Harrison, and Wilson sell out all shows they participate in. All 3 have been the "Main Event". If by chance, Wilson, Harrison, Jeter and Russell were at the Cigar-Nites Club that holds aprox; 6,500. No one attending would even know who Russell was.Yes he is very talented, it is his heart that I question. Never once been tested, to be frank, he pulls himself out from any and every real fight. Has he ever even fought in Maryland? If so, I didn't even know. As far as swinging off his accomplishments. I hope your not talking about the 2008 Olympics, for that was a total emmbarrassment for everyone involved. With this said, I still believe Russell could wind up holding a major title someday, but would not be surprised if one of the others mentioned beat him to it.

Anonymous said...

First of all I cant believe anybody would dare talk about Jeter and Wilson in the same sentence as Gary. Gary is by far the most talented fighter in our area. Much more than I can say for the other two. Jeter has the talent but doesnt have it in him anymore, Wilson......come on, lets face the facts this guy will never get past a "d" level fighter. Harrison should be talked about in a year or two. Havent seen enough rounds yet to talk about future champion. I find it hard to believe how two guys (jeter and wilson) with no heart and Koolaid for blood can make it into a discussion of future champions. I would take the opportunity to be a road block for either fighter.

-Guess Who

Ms. Tesgra said...

Seth Mithchell, Tony Thompson, Maurice Bynum, Lamont Peterson, Anthony Peterson, Tye Barnett, are what you call real talent from the DMV. They will fight anyone, anytime,

Anonymous said...

Wilson will be exposed just as Sigmon was exposed when he steps up in competition!! Fight on the real stage, instead of your own.

VA Fd. said...

OMG Scott, you did the same exact thing but worse with your nephew Andrew. Todd has fought tougher guys than he has! What is your problem? Let the man do his thing. He will school any fighter that you ever trained. Look at the list of Andrew's fights. Look how sorry of records they have. I just cannot believe this bullshit is coming out of your mouth. Talk about calling the kettle black: 2012-02-18 Damon Antoine 9-33-2

Armory, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light middleweight 32 32 6 6

referee: Vic de Wysocki | judge: Dave Braslow | judge: Mark D'Attilio | judge: Bill Osterman

2011-10-29 Andre Baker 8-32-2

Armory, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 welterweight 28 36 12 11

referee: Michelle Myers | judge: Mark D'Attilio | judge: Dean Crane | judge: Jack Leahy

2011-06-25 Andre Baker 8-31-2

Field House, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States W TD 6 8 welterweight 15 28 15 12

referee: Joseph Cooper | 60-54 | 60-54 | 60-54
Shoulder injury

2010-03-06 138¼ Ikem Orji 138 5-2-0

Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States L TKO 4 8 welterweight 25 15 9 33

time: 1:01 | referee: William Johnson | judge: Mark D'Attilio
Farmer down in the 4th stopped shortly afterward.

2009-10-16 140 Ryan Belasco 140 11-3-3

Du Burns Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 16 27 24 18

referee: Malik Waleed | judge: Gary Camponeschi 79-74 | judge: John Gradowski 78-73 | judge: Don Risher 77-75

2009-05-09 Marty Robbins 22-42-1

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 9 16 8 6

80-72 | 78-73 | 78-75

2008-08-09 139½ Cesar Vega 139½ 10-14-0

Civic Center, Salem, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 11 13 2 2

80-71 | 80-71 | 79-72
Vega was down in the first round.

2008-02-23 140 Edward Anderson 143 4-10-0

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W TKO 3 6 lightweight 9 12 0 0

2007-11-17 142½ Curtis Smith 142 5-2-0

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W SD 6 6 lightweight 8 9 0 1

56-57 | 57-56 | 58-55
Farmer down in the 6th from body punches.

2007-09-15 142 Jason Jordan 143 4-13-2

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W UD 4 4 welterweight 3 7 7 6

40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36

2007-07-14 139 Marcos Antonio Soto 135 debut
Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W TKO 4 6 lightweight 4 4 0 0

Soto did not come out for 4th round.

2007-06-09 Anthony Whigham 0-5-0

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W KO 1 lightweight 4 4 0 0

time: 2:59 | referee: William Johnson

2007-02-17 Michael Salyers 2-10-0

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 6 6 light welterweight 3 3 0 0

2006-12-09 135 Ken Humphrey 134 2-2-0

Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States L MD 4 4 lightweight 8 4 0 4

referee: Vic de Wysocki | judge: Phil Kornberg 38-38 | judge: Vaughn LaPrade 37-38 | judge: Greg Coleman 36-38

2006-11-18 Billy Mitchem 7-13-1

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W TKO 4 welterweight 0 7 2 1

2006-08-19 Grant Messer 0-1-0
ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W KO 1 4 light welterweight 0 0 0 0

time: 1:59 | referee: Chris Wollesen

2006-06-17 140½ DeAngelo Ginyard 141 debut
Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States W KO 2 4 welterweight 0 0 0 0

time: 1:25 | referee: Dave Johnson

2006-04-15 141 Anthony Whigham 134 0-3-0

Rec Center, Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States W TKO 1 4 welterweight 0 0 0 0


Anonymous said...

I guess he does have a point. Scott, you should have never opened your mouth. Boxrec doesn't tell lies.

Anonymous said...

I expected this .Like I said he needs to fight people who can fight.He is not a beginer and he needs better opposition.
Andrew is pretty much retired but we will take a fight with Wilson if he dares.
Let him fight any of our last five opponets.
Belasco will blow him out of the ring.
your a jerk who doesn't know shit about boxing.
Andrew is my son and not my nephew ass hole.
When the smoke clears call me and make the fight.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are wrong, it's your nephew.

Anonymous said...

Man it is funny how fast shit stirs up. I seemed to have missed the comment that my father made that got this going.? I am not retired in the least bit. I got injured on the job and had to take some time off. I am healed up and ready for anyone! thats the problem with boxing, everyone pays off their fights and gets a padded record then thinks they can beat anyone. I think my record indicates that my fights are for real and things happen when things are legit. If you say that others have fought better opposition, i dont care. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! I dont realy care what people think about my father. At least he is honest. Oh yeah maybe you want to check wilsons record to see where some of his wins came from. Check to see who promoted the show. Point in fact- I am by no means a punk who fights paid off fights. In fact I despise those kind of fighters. Come one, come all, 140-147 lbs. Hell maybe go as high as 154. BTW-we all know records dont mean a thing, I am surprised how people think a feather fisted bum beater could school me, maybe he should fight some of my previous opponents.....or see how the fights with our common opponent ended up.Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-Andrew "dooman" Farmer
This is the real dooman saying he isnt scared of getting "schooled"

Anonymous said...

Wilson and Farmer both are decent fighters, but no way on earth Farmer can handle Wilson.

Va Union 423 said...

Last comment was by me. I just believe it to be true.

Anonymous said...

Scott knows how it works.
I know how it works for everybody else but that doesn't mean it should be that way.
Va union 423 what do you base your opinion on.
Someone made the comment that Wilson fought White and Aikens.
White was fucked by the commission
and Aikens has some personal problems that keeps him from competeing at his old level.
He has beat nobody.
Rodriguez VS Wilson
Juan by KO

Anonymous said...

exciting talk. Sounds like Farmer said f- it he will take on anybody. Sounds like wilson has either got o put up or shut his people up. Oh an i have sparred both fighters and wilson hasnt got a chance.

Anonymous said...

I put my money on Farmer!! For someone who fought out of a Military school Wilson sure looks soft.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Farmer beats Todd Wilsons ass with one arm tied behind his back and a peg leg.

Anonymous said...

I got Andrew beating Todd also

PJ said...

I always know i can come here and get a good laugh.Alot of these guys you speak of work full time to support theirselves and in some cases their familys,then they put in alot of time at gym training, they are not forinate enough to get paid to train and devote %100 of their time to boxing, give them the credit they deserve.As far as the comment about Andrew being Scott's newphew, evedently you don't know the Farmer's very well.It's hard to say who will go far in this sport,but I applaud them for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Farmer trains a couple days for his eight round fights and still performs well.I know this young man and he's full of talent but it appears he really doesn't care weather he fights or not.I think if you piss him off you will see the best come out in him in the ring.
Alex Hall

Anonymous said...

wilson and his team are a big joke.

Anonymous said...

wilson would make doo man sh!t his pants in a heartbeat, then everybody be callin him poo man