Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July 14 Keystone Card Starting to Take Shape!

The matchups can be announced for the Saturday, July 14 Keystone Boxing card at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

The main event will featured undefeated DC welterweight Dusty Harrison in a scheduled six-round contest against veteran Reggie "Two-Guns" Nash of Grand Rapids, MI.  Harrison (6-0, three KO's) is coming off a second-round TKO over Joey Ortega on May 12 at the Convention Center.

Harrison will face another veteran in Nash (10-29-1, two KO's) who has faced a who's who of young prospects and contenders between the lightweight and junior middleweight divisions.  The list includes Vernon Paris, Steve Upshur Chambers, Contender Champion Grady Brewer, Shamir Reyes and the Beltway's Bayan Jargal.  Nash also holds an eight-round split decision win over former world title contender Ivan Robinson.

There is another six-rounder signed for the card as DC-based junior middleweight "King Shango" Ivan Ziglar will battle Jimmy "The Dream" LeBlanc of Weymouth, MA.  Ziglar (6-2-1, three KO's) has won his last five bouts, including two straight at the Convention Center. Ziglar scored a fifth-round TKO in his last outing over Eric Burke on the May 12 Convention Center card.

LeBlanc (12-21-4, four KO's) is no stranger to the Beltway region as he has fought three times locally in the last four years, all three times at the George Mason University Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA.  LeBlanc picked up his last win in November of 2008 when he stopped Luther Smith in the first round.  LeBlanc's last two bouts at the Patriot Center ended in second-round TKO's against Jimmy Lange (July 2010) and Michael Stewart (September 2011).

Another bout signed for this event will be the pro debut of long-time amateur Kevin Borders, a junior middleweight from DC.  Borders will face Eric Merian, another debuting boxer from Columbia, SC.

Other matchups just announced for this card include Fort Washington, MD light heavyweight Thomas "Top Dog" Williams, Jr. (8-0, five KO's) taking on veteran Ariel "Iron" Espinal of Brooklyn, NY (8-21-3, four KO's) in a six-round bout.   DC junior middleweight Harold "Sweet Lee" Parker (1-0, one KO) battling Antonio Sadler from Columbia, SC (1-0-1, one KO) in a four-rounder.   Glen Burnie, MD bantamweight Brady "The Magician" Sensibaugh (1-0) will take on Anthony Fraguada of Newark, NJ (1-7, one KO) in another four-round contest.

Also, the card features Charlotte Hall, MD middleweight Josh Rupard (1-0, one KO) who will battle Donnie Holden of Canton, OH (0-6) and the return of Baltimore's "Golden Greek" Elias Bouloubassis (6-0-5, four KO's) taking on Mike Arnold of Akron, OH (0-6).  Both are four-round contests.


Anonymous said...

whats jargal been up to digital?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Haven't heard much about him lately. I'll try to find out.

Anonymous said...

Digital do you know when some of the top amateurs from this area turning pro and when?

Tuesday 10 said...

Why would they turn pro when the olympics will be coming up in august? are you nuts? these guys have worked there hole lives to get that gold. why stop now?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Tuesday 10,

The Olympic trials have come and gone and none of the local boxers advanced to the Olympics. So the options are either they turn pro now or wait until 2016 and I don't know if many of them want to do that.

As far as when they will turn pro -- most of them are still deciding. The only one that has a date is Tyrieshia "Baby Girl" Douglas who was one of three local ladies to go to the Women's Olympic Trials. Douglas is slated to turn pro on August 3 on the Babie Girl Productions card at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel in DC.

I'm not 100 percent sure that any more may come out this year. Just going strictly on speculation and hearsay, it looks like some like D'Mitrius Ballard and Jerry Odom will wait until maybe 2013. Their gym mate at No Xcuse -- Kevin Rivers -- MAY come out late 2012.

Michael Reed may come out this year as well. No word yet on the others like David Grayton, Danny Kelly or Gervonta Davis, et al.

Anonymous said...

Does DC have a commsission? Those fights are awful. Marginal prospects vs. guys that shouldn't be allowed to fight.

Anonymous said...

Why isnt Manny Taylor never on these cards?

Anonymous said...

Main event huh.
This is a joke.
Harrison can fight a little bit so
why is keystone putting him in so soft every time?
Boxing really has become a discrace in this area.

High Test said...

Keystone has improved boxing in Washington DC. All shows end up selling out. They are the Top Promoter on the East Coast. Everyone is happy except you.
I doubt anyone cares. Harrison is 17 and you seem to follow his every move. LMFAO

Gary Digital Williams said...

He's actually 18 now. Turned 18 in May.

Brian said...

Guys, I would love to put Hagler-Hearns, Leonard-Duran on every show but I can't. Why do some of you guys want to see locals matched really hard so early on?

Mensky said...

Brian, you did an excellent job. Not only do you get it done in a timely fashion, you look out for the up and coming locals better than any other before you. Not many know what is involved in match-making. You work long hours for such little pay. Actually, because of your involment with Keystone, all local fighters are wanting to be on the show. The hater who wants the pro debut guy in a war is a nobody who knows nothing about MMA or Boxing. To suggest put the 17 year old in there with a killer shows their knowledge. They want to see locals loose out of pure jealousy. They root against our top guys, Tony Thompson, Lamont Peterson, Scott Sigman, Gary Russel, Jessir Nicklow, only because they are miserable. Usually its the same miserable person each and every time. Look at the hatred toward Todd Wilson, now what did that young man do so wrong to deserve such. Why is it not ok for him to fight guys they he has a better chance at winning against? Only a nut case would do otherwise. Brian, you are the man of the hour, and a true fighter's match-maker. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i would love to see Jerry Odom,Mike Reed and David Grayton turn pro i cant wait

Gary Digital Williams said...

I have tried to stay out of this conversation because I didn't want to seem partial. However, Mensky said a lot of what needed to be said.

I have said before that there is no need to rush Harrison or any other 18 year old into wars before they are ready. Also, there is no set timetable on WHEN they will be ready.

I do want to publicly thank Brian for keeping BATB in the loop on a regular basis. I wish more matchmakers would do that.

As far as the bouts on these cards (not just Keystone's but anybody else's as well) Despite the way the record looks, there's a reason why the majority of these journeyman boxers get called in time and time again -- they give good outings -- They may never beat the hometown guys, but they give the fans their money's worth. That's why you see the Ariel Espinals over and over again.

A few years ago, there were two boxers called The Whitley Twins -- Derrick and Darren. They both had under 500 records but they would give fantastic performances at the Ballroom Boxing shows. Every now and then they might pull off a victory. Boxing needs guys like these to keep going.

Anonymous said...

Gary I am not sure if you ever laced on a pair of boxing gloves, but one thing is for sure, you know boxing. You know the game extremely well. You'd be one of the Top Boxing Managers in the world. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

Anonymous said...

All of you people stating that these fighters don't need to be rushed are the fighters trainers and managers.You are a bunch of ego maniacs who just want to say your fighter won the fight no matter what.
And next does Gary know boxing?
I would hope he knows a little about the sport seeing how he has been watching it for about 15 years or so but he just has an opinion like everyone else.
Because he happens to have a blog and listens to everyone elses comments doesn't make his opinion anymore legit than yours are mine.
And for mensky to throw Scott Sigmons and Todd Wilsons name in the mix with Russell,Tony Thompson,and Lamont Peterson is just somebody from Virginia connected with the two of them trying to elevate their position in boxing by mentioning their names with some of the best fighters in the sport.The fighters they face don't have to have a good record .That I agree
totally with but they shouldn't be dead bodies like Wilson fought last weekend.
You are saying,Well the fight went the distance.Exactly,the fight went the distance.It never should have .Broken Hand/ Show me the exray.Todd Has some talent, that I don't dispute, Just fight somebody.Let me make your next fight.As for Sigmon,Do I really need to say anything.You people putting the money behind Sigmon,
(Keith) or whoever, don't get sucked along anymore.

The Plain Truth
And my initals are
Scott Farmer

VA Fd. said...

OMG Scott, you did the same exact thing but worse with your nephew Andrew. Todd has fought tougher guys than he has! What is your problem? Let the man do his thing. He will school any fighter that you ever trained. Look at the list of Andrew's fights. Look how sorry of records they have. I just cannot believe this bullshit is coming out of your mouth. Talk about calling the kettle black: 2012-02-18 Damon Antoine 9-33-2

Armory, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light middleweight 32 32 6 6

referee: Vic de Wysocki | judge: Dave Braslow | judge: Mark D'Attilio | judge: Bill Osterman

2011-10-29 Andre Baker 8-32-2

Armory, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 welterweight 28 36 12 11

referee: Michelle Myers | judge: Mark D'Attilio | judge: Dean Crane | judge: Jack Leahy

2011-06-25 Andre Baker 8-31-2

Field House, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States W TD 6 8 welterweight 15 28 15 12

referee: Joseph Cooper | 60-54 | 60-54 | 60-54
Shoulder injury

2010-03-06 138¼ Ikem Orji 138 5-2-0

Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States L TKO 4 8 welterweight 25 15 9 33

time: 1:01 | referee: William Johnson | judge: Mark D'Attilio
Farmer down in the 4th stopped shortly afterward.

2009-10-16 140 Ryan Belasco 140 11-3-3

Du Burns Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 16 27 24 18

referee: Malik Waleed | judge: Gary Camponeschi 79-74 | judge: John Gradowski 78-73 | judge: Don Risher 77-75

2009-05-09 Marty Robbins 22-42-1

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 9 16 8 6

80-72 | 78-73 | 78-75

2008-08-09 139½ Cesar Vega 139½ 10-14-0

Civic Center, Salem, Virginia, United States W UD 8 8 light welterweight 11 13 2 2

80-71 | 80-71 | 79-72
Vega was down in the first round.

2008-02-23 140 Edward Anderson 143 4-10-0

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W TKO 3 6 lightweight 9 12 0 0

2007-11-17 142½ Curtis Smith 142 5-2-0

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W SD 6 6 lightweight 8 9 0 1

56-57 | 57-56 | 58-55
Farmer down in the 6th from body punches.

2007-09-15 142 Jason Jordan 143 4-13-2

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W UD 4 4 welterweight 3 7 7 6

40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36

2007-07-14 139 Marcos Antonio Soto 135 debut
Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W TKO 4 6 lightweight 4 4 0 0

Soto did not come out for 4th round.

2007-06-09 Anthony Whigham 0-5-0

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W KO 1 lightweight 4 4 0 0

time: 2:59 | referee: William Johnson

2007-02-17 Michael Salyers 2-10-0

Sportsplex, Winchester, Virginia, United States W UD 6 6 light welterweight 3 3 0 0

2006-12-09 135 Ken Humphrey 134 2-2-0

Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States L MD 4 4 lightweight 8 4 0 4

referee: Vic de Wysocki | judge: Phil Kornberg 38-38 | judge: Vaughn LaPrade 37-38 | judge: Greg Coleman 36-38

2006-11-18 Billy Mitchem 7-13-1

ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W TKO 4 welterweight 0 7 2 1

2006-08-19 Grant Messer 0-1-0
ABC Sports Complex, Springfield, Virginia, United States W KO 1 4 light welterweight 0 0 0 0

time: 1:59 | referee: Chris Wollesen

2006-06-17 140½ DeAngelo Ginyard 141 debut
Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States W KO 2 4 welterweight 0 0 0 0

time: 1:25 | referee: Dave Johnson

2006-04-15 141 Anthony Whigham 134 0-3-0

Rec Center, Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States W TKO 1 4 welterweight 0 0 0 0

Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm sorry but he is correct.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't really think Scott said the original statement. First of all, Scott was a boxer himself, he understands how things work. Secondly, the Scott Farmer I know has respect for everyone in this business.

Third, Andrew Farmer is Scott's son, not nephew.

Thank you for the comments about me, much appreciated. No, I have never boxed before but have the utmost respect for those who have.

Gary Digital Williams said...

As far as your point about Farmer's competition -- you need to understand that the majority of those guys were tough boxers.

I saw the bouts against Curtis Smith, Marty Robbins, Edward Anderson and Jason Johnson. In all of those bouts, Andrew had to face some sort of adversity.

Remember he lost the bouts to Ikem Orji and Ken Humphreys.

The only bout on Andrew's record that I openly criticized was his bout against Billy Mitchem and that was because Mitchem did not come to fight, he came to get a paycheck. Andrew had to battle against foolishness that night instead of talent.

As it turned out, the bout did not prepare him well for his next bout which ended up being the loss to Humphreys.

Yes, Todd Wilson has fought good competition -- the performances against Dean White and Eric Aiken included. But Andrew Farmer has fought his share of tough guys too.

Anonymous said...

at first i was surprised too, but then reading the part about retirement and stuff. i do think its scott, plus the part where he was saying that he was expecting comments about andrews padded record. who know, only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

The DC commission should get their heads out of their butts. Those matches are terrible. What are they thinking? Those matches wouldn't get approved by any of the other commissions. What a shame!

Brian said...

Trust there will be some good fights on this card

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see harold in dusty july 14 thay back in dc thay are our next champs in the city

Anonymous said...

The fight between mitchem and myself was a mess. I dont disagree with that one at all. I was originally supposed to fight someone from Ghana who relocated to Maryland. The gent pulled out the morning of the weigh in. I sold 100 tickets in advance and we did what we had to do-regretfully so. I suffered an injury to my ear which caused me to have a bandage stitched thru the cartilage of my ear for two months. Couldnt train, couldnt spar. Lost almost 20 lbs of water weight to make 135lbs to fight Humphreys, lost the fight. immediately offered a rematch for $4,000.00 for four rounds(at 140 lbs)- declined. Lost by tko to Orji- broke a bone in my left elbow with the first left hook in the fight, I still lost. Offered an immediate rematch(after surgery)- declined and they still decline the rematch. Some of my fights I made tougher than they had to be-due to lack of preparing myself (all me and nobody else). I do think that some have a cloudy vision of what a tough fight is though. Thank you to the people who say I have a padded record and have fought soft, I realy dont care. As far as retirement- I wake at 0350 every morning, drive 80 miles to work and get home at 1830 if i am lucky. Not to mention I have a wife and two kids. I am not done fighting. I will probably fight another ten years, however i do need something to train for, definately not fights like few get around our area. I do wish all the fighter in the area the best of luck, especially Harold Parker. I havent seen him in ages. As a matter of fact Harold and myself fought a few times back in the day. Those fights were tougher than some peoples pro fights around here.


Anonymous said...

Genn great you are useing the local fighters again for your own taking you are not looking to sign no fighters just make money off them at least you are getting them wins unlike you partner Chris lol

Anonymous said...

Dc boxing comm. should be a shame of himself for putting these over match fights on.Once again some bullshitt Dc is t
has the worst comm. in the United States