Sunday, June 03, 2012

DC Select Team Wins Belfast-Beltway Boxing Classic!

The DC Team captured the 2012 Belfast-Beltway Boxing Classic by a score of 6-3.  Truly however, everyone at the Marriott Washington Wardman Park Hotel in DC benefited from great boxing which also included a tremendous level of sportsmanship.  The young Irish boxers were very talented and held their own through the majority of the bouts.  Here, once again, are the results:

The bout voted fight of the night by the crowd was Gervonta "Tank" Davis win over Joseph Fitzpatrick at 126 pounds. This was the least competitive bout of the night. Most of the watchers in attendance were not diehard boxing fans, but they enjoyed the skill of the 2012 National Golden Gloves champion from Upton Gym in Baltimore.

My choice for fight of the night was the 111-pound bout between Dwayne Holmes of Diamonds N The Ruff and Conal Quinn.  This was, in my opinion, the most competitive bout of the night.  Holmes did well enough toward the end of the bout to win it, but many people in the crowd thought Quinn of the Ardoyne Holy Cross gym might have won that one.

The most impressive Irish boxer of the evening was a young man named TJ Waite from the Cairn Lodge Boxing Club.  Waite won the first bout for the Visitors Select team and he put on a great show against a very talented boxer from the Beltway region -- Lawrence Singh of the Headbangers Gym -- at 111 pounds.  This was a rough bout at times but Waite did a great job hanging in there.

Here are the rest of the results:

108 Pounds: Danardo Johnstone (Kentland)  over. Conor McLarnon (Ardoyne Holy Cross)

145 Pounds: Michael Peoples (Old School) over  Lewis Crocker (Cairn Lodge)

130 Pounds:  Sean Higginson (St. Agnes) over  Jordan Peters (Old School)

133 Pounds: Malik Jackson (Limelite) vs. Gerard Matthews (St. Paul's)

130 Pounds: Ashton Jones (Spennymore) over Alfredo Weeks VI (Supreme Defence)

145 Pounds: Russell Gaskins (Enigma) over Jamie Kennedy (Toome)

156 Pounds: Daquan Johnson of Sugar Ray Leonard and Gary Dodds (Spennymore) competed in a training session -- no winner here.


Anonymous said...

how did the fighters there is alot of bigger names in dc than these fighters if you picked the right fighters ireland wouldnt of won at all

McGuire, John said...

The fighters that represented The DC metro area were the absolute best ones available. No other fighters at that weight class have the skills of the ones wh0 particpated. If you were not chose to go, you obviously are not as good as you thought you are. I suggest that you train harder and perhaps one day you will be on the level of the boxers who were matched against Ireland. Until then, you need to spend more time focusing on why you were not selected instead of crying like a little girl. The show was terrific and I supported fully. The food was great, the crowd was happy and it's a shame you were not there to enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

It's not about putting on a show where the DC team kicks everyone's butt. It about fair bouts and sportsmanship. This was not the Olympics. I was there and the bouts were all competitive. I thought the Irish may have won more than they were given credit for but thats OK. The boxers from both teams had a great time. They were all in the back hanging out together talking and thats what a competition like this is all about. The kids from Belfast come from neighborhoods that are tough and for many years there was a big divide mostly along religious / political lines and the Belfast team was made up from different gyms from both sides of the divide so the kids would get to know each other and take that camaraderie back to Belfast where peace has taken hold.
My hats is off to the organizers who put a competition like this together for both the Irish and American boxers. The Americans had a chance early this past spring to go Belfast and experience life there. That's what a competition like this is all about.
Thanks for being there "Digital" and covering this event.
Jim McNally
Boxing Coach
US Naval Academy

UFC streaming said...

I suggest that you train harder and perhaps one day you will be on the level of the boxers who were matched against Ireland. Until then, you need to spend more time focusing on why you were not selected instead of crying like a little girl.
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Anonymous said...

look dude everyone knows those are not the best fighters except tank and malike the fight is just for fun relax.but i do want to ask 1 question what the heck does ufc streaming know abt boxing talking about girl isnt ufc two men rolling around on a mat i suggest you train harder and one day you could perhaps become a boxer

Anonymous said...

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Two men rolling around like they were making love.
I'm telling you that I was thumbing through the channels and came across a UFC fight and one of them had a rise working and the other guy was grabbing at my mans stuff.
These people are in it to win it and the prize they want to win is not a unanimous decision.

Anonymous said...

very good comment by Jim Mcnally,good life experience for all,especially the lads from war torn Belfast,hopefully they recievd some gifts or memorabilia to bring home!!

Anonymous said...

It was a very eventful night but I think that the ireland team should have had two more wins than what they were given.

Anonymous said...

I second that. I believe that the sencond bout between Dwayne Holmes and Conal Quinn was given unfairley aslo the bout between Mike peoples and Lewis Croker was unfairley given.