Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recap From The Convention Center!

Here is the recap from the Keystone Boxing card Saturday night at the Washington Convention Center.

 Junior welterweight Ty Barnett wins by seventh-round TKO over Robert DaLuz of Providence, RI.  The bout was stopped at 1:18 of the seventh.  DaLuz is stopped for just the fifth time in his pro career and the first in his last 10 bouts.  Barnett is now 20-2-1, 13 KO's.  DaLuz falls to 13-41-3, four KO's.

Welterweight "The Beltway Boricua" Dusty Harrison scores a second-round TKO over Joey Ortega of Lowell, MA.  The time of the stoppage was 2:59 of the second round.  Harrison raises his record to 6-0, three KO's while Joey Ortega falls to 3-22, one KO.  Ortega faced an undefeated boxer for the 10th straight time.

DC junior middleweight Harold "Sweet Lee" Parker stops Marcus Bess of Columbia, SC in the third round of a bout between debuting pros.  The bout was stopped at 2:25.

Junior lightweight Renaldo "Misunderstood" Gaines of District Heights, MD wins a four-round unanimous decision over the debuting James Young of Lincolnton, NC.  Gaines won by scores of 39-37 (twice) and 40-36.  Gaines is 2-0.

Junior middleweight Ivan "King Shango" Ziglar won a fifth-round TKO over Columbus, OH's Eric "Fast Hands" Burke.  The bout was stopped at 1:33 of the fifth.  Ziglar is 6-2-1, three KO's.  Burke is now 6-28-3, five KO's.

DC junior featherweight Shadeed Floyd needed just 54 seconds to stop Tayshawn Autry of Garland, NC in his pro debut.  Autry is 0-3.

Fort Washington, MD's Thomas "Top Dog" Williams, Jr. scores a first-round TKO over Jess "Thunder Noriega of Lynchburg, VA.  Williams is now 8-0, five KO's while Noriega is now 0-2.

Frederick MD junior middleweight Dillon "The Stalker" Hayman scored an impressive first-round TKO over Mike Arnold of Canton, OH.  Arnold is 0-6.

Post-Fight will be added later on today.  Having difficulties with my audio version, so a video version might go up instead.


Mona said...

Good job Harold. I'm very proud of you keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hey mr. gary why can't baltimore build their boxer's like every other state...we had some good fighters that came through baltimore.courtney butler,mike pascal,jessie nicklow,ed griffen,and the list go's on and on, but our commissioner and promoter's rather bang them out early in their career for pennies just so that the crowd will come back for the next show they can care less about making a champion...i think its time fore somebody else to take office that understand the game

Gary Digital Williams said...

Right now, the Baltimore area needs pro promoters period! There are not many if any right now. I think the Maryland Commission understands the game but right now, they don't have a lot to work with as far as pro promotions are concerned.

Keystone is bringing a show to Baltimore on June 16 at DuBurns Arena. Hopefully, there will be some Baltimore-area talent on that card.

Anonymous said...

who is keystone promotions?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Keystone Boxing, the official name, has been promoting boxing shows off and on for a number of years. The main promoter is Gene Molovinsky who runs Keystone Insurance in Marlow Heights, MD.

This is the most ambitious schedule they have had in awhile. We'll be hearing from them all year!

Anonymous said...

Is Jake still doing cards?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Jake has been doing amateur cards as of late. No pro or even pro-am. The same can be said of Scott Wagner of Ballroom Boxing. In fact, the two have joined forces on many recent amateur shows.