Thursday, May 24, 2012

Medical Conditions, Injuries Change June 16 Card in Baltimore!

Some prospective matches for the Keystone Boxing card on Saturday, June 16 at Du Burns Arena in Baltimore have been scuttled because of a serious medical condition and an injury.

The Nick Kisner-Juan Carlos Robles cruiserweight bout was scrapped because Robles underwent emergency brain surgery earlier this week.  Robles is reported to be doing well after surgery as he came out of intensive care on Tuesday and BATB wishes him well in his continued recovery.  Meanwhile, promoters are trying to find another opponent for Kisner.

The middleweight rematch between James "Keep 'Em Sleepin'" Stevenson  of Baltimore and George "Wartime" Rivera of Charlottsville, VA has also been scratched because Rivera suffered an injury to his arm in training.  This would have been a rematch of a great 10-round bout back on March 20, 2010 at Du Burns.  Stevenson won that bout by 10-round unanimous decision.


Tommy R. said...

I've been doing this boxing stuff for more than four decades. This is one show that should either be post-poned or cancelled. Tickets sales will now be close to none. All the main players are now injured or just off the card. Sometimes is just wise quit asap before losing more money than you have already lost. The boxers could care less about any of this as long as they get paid. They have no idea what-so-ever the long hours put in to hold a professional boxing match. Hopefully someone sees the light so I will not be on here June 17th. telling you that I told you so. Peace be with you all.

Freddy said...

u can blame the md boxen comissioner

Eckideop said...

I and everyone else in the state of Maryland 100% agree with you. VA, DC and PA are now the only place for the locals to fight. The Maryland boxing commissioner will be replaced by the end of the year. According to reliable sources, they are looking for a replacement as we speak. People have had enough of this foolishness and complaints are pouring in. If all goes as expected, Baltimore professional boxing will be back bigger than ever. "The people have stood up"

Anonymous said...

I would assert that its comments like yours that are to blame for the lack of boxing in MD. Why would you encourage the cancellation of a show that is 3 weeks away because two fights have fallen out, one of which was a four rounder. When you come on a public forum and talk badly about a show, why would promoters want to throw shows here. The fighters could care less, really...just because they make sacrifices, put their bodies on the line, and train hard as hell for the few fights that seem to be coming fewer and farther in between...of course they could careless...complete nonsense.

Brian said...

Well 4 of the 8 fights are signed and cleared through commission. (who has been accomodating.) Of the remaining 4, 2 of them are pending approval. So three weeks out I think the show is in good shape..

Eckideop said...

I sincerly apologize if I've offended anyone. That is not my attention.However, I do disagree that a show will completley fail because one of my comments. I do believe that people need to start looking at the sucess Johnny Lange has had and model themselves after him. I will return on June 17th. to give me thoughts, that is, if this show even goes through.

Anonymous said...

2013 will be a new year for maryland. new commissioner, new rules, less headaches, maryland will be alive and well all over again. theres a new sherriff coming to town.

Gary Digital Williams said...

And I will let people know what the matchups are sometime this evening.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Let's be clear on who we are saying is leaving. If it's Bill McCaffrey, the actual chair of the Maryland State Athletic Commission, then that may be true. Mr. McCaffrey's health may not allow him to serve in that capacity.

If you are referring to Patrick Pannella, the executive director, then I'm not quite sure about that. I don't think he's going anywhere, anytime soon.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Again, ALL of this is speculation on my part.

Tre said...

Anyone who knows how difficult it is to keep a secret among three men - particularly if they are married - knows how absurd is the idea of a worldwide secret conspiracy consciously controlling all mankind by its financial power; in real, clear analyis. There will be a new boxing commissioner very soon.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't know what that last statement has to do with anything, but what we are dealing with in Maryland is not really a commission problem.

In 2011, the state lost the most active pro promoters in Scott Wagner and Jake Smith. When these two gentlemen decided not to promote pro boxing cards, they both left a huge void. They were both spent and burned out.

So far, no one has picked up the void. Jeter Promotions did a pro-am and now we have the Keystone show on June 16. That card is still on, the ticket sellers -- Stevenson, July and Kisner at the top of the card -- are still there and as Brian Dillon the matchmaker has said, much of the card is coming together.

There are people associated with this commission who have been there through three Governor's terms in Maryland, Schaefer, Ehrlich and O'Malley. And I've talked to a number of people in the business who believe Maryland is among the best run commissions in the country.

If there is a new chair of the commission, so be it, but let's wait if it happens before we pass judgment.

Anonymous said...

I really wish there was some big brother conspiracy theory. I just think it's the ignorance of trying to make a dollar. That's what the networks have done and will continue to do. If anyone doesn't think that this is about making money, then they're crazy.

Anonymous said...

I get tired of everyone blaming Pat Pannella an the Maryland State Athletic Commission for the lack boxing. If Maryland didn't have Pannella at the helm of the commission you would have some real miss matched fights. These managers don't care about the safety of their fighter all they want is to build their fighters record. Pannella cares about the safety of boxing an won't allow a fighter with a 2-34 record fight a boxer with a 18-0 record. Other states need a Pannella at their helm.

Anonymous said...

Hey you talking about the sucess of Johnny Lange.
Sucess can be measured in several ways.
In this case sucess is puting a thousand paying customeers in the seats of that big building. The rest of the people there are Freebies,thats right freebies.
One time they had a large turnout
and that was in part to the Junkie
getting his but kicked and all the free publicity they recieved.
no other show they have had there
can even come close to the attendance that night.It was around 5000 and I'm sure half of those were freebies.
The rumors that the Lange people spread about Jimmy being a huge draw are just that,rumors.
They are doing there job like most promoters do through deception and lies but they have went to the well too many times.
People cannot be fooled but so long.
Sucess to most promoters is making a couple dollars but it's not what Johnny Lange needs to do here he has a diffrent agenda.
I know what it is but I will leave you to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

You know, it appears that this June 16th boxing show in Baltimore has the potential to be pretty decent. From what Digital reports, there are several good bouts already locked in.

You know, there are a select few (under "anonymous" names, of course)on this blog who will always try to blame everybody under the sun with their mean-spirited agendas and false claims. This is what they like to do. But the truth of the matter is that we have a promoter and a matchmaker here who are starting to impress. If the "nay-sayers" really wanted to make a positive difference on the local boxing scene they would become "ticket-buyers" and support our boxers and promoters with their money. See the rest of you on June 16th.

Anonymous said...

this guy is hands down the BIGGEST DICK out of any of the commisioners ive ever had, from ANY JOB, in my entire life...

he is CONSTANTLY up my ass, stalking the shit out of me, harassing me and constantly looking for me to try and catch me standing around so that he can say "hes not working, all he does is stand around, lets fire him"...whenever i go to work i feel like im at some kind of prison and that i have to CONSTANTLY 24/7 be in motion or doing something because if im not, he will catch me...whenever he catches me "standing around", he brings me to different departments and makes me do work there...hes a total shithead...

and its not just me either, one of my co-workers was screamed at by him one time...apparently the story goes like this: co-worker was helping a customer and the commisioner called him on the intercom to come give him a hand...the co-worker was busy at the time helping the customer so wasnt able to help the comissioner..5 minutes later the comissioner comes stampeding towards him and SCREAMS at him "mark, when i fuckin call you, you come ..the next time you dont, theres gonna be problems"

now since the co-worker is a pussy, he did nothing about it, but it just goes to show what a cocksucker this guy is...hes a classic case of a high school abuse-case who probably got made fun of for his looks/height, and now is taking it out on others since he has authority over people...thank GOD hes not a cop...

yesterday he also made this lady cry because he was making her do a job she didnt want to do, and was also being sarcastic about it, so she quit the job...and that sucks because she was really cute and i liked her...ive also heard he treats people like shit..for example, a promoter disagrees with him and he throws his garbage on the floor for the maintenance guy to sweep up instead of just throwing it in the garbage pale himself..

so far, 4-5 people that i know have called the union on him (including myself - for harassment) and other workers dont even like him, but im afraid this isnt good enough...he will just apologize and act nice for a week, then be a shithead again...

Anonymous said...

Who are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. Dude makes up all kinds of claims and charges but conveniently forgets to mention exactly who he is talking about. Guess that is one way to avoid a slander case.

Anonymous said...

While it might be tempting to give someone a verbal dressing down, there is a great deal that can be said for exercising restraint when it comes to giving someone a piece of your mind. If you can avoid slander, it is probably best that you do, regardless of your desire to do otherwise.

TW said...

You often hear "Truth is the perfect defense against libel." A curious notion, not entirely supported by what goes on in the courts. Truth is a very good defense. It may prove an unshakable defense if you have $50,000 for lawyers to defend against a defamation lawsuit. If you don't feel like being on the frontier of legal theory, you should build a somewhat better defense.

Anonymous said...

We still do not know what commission was the target of these claims. For someone all fired up, he certainly fizzled out fast. Isn't it funny how a little thing like a lack of truth does that.

Harold Wilson said...

All wrong: "My neighbor John Smith is a stinking lush." This is wildly defamatory: an unproven, judgmental ("stinking" and "lush" instead of "alcoholic") statement about a private individual.

Getting better: "Governor Smith consumed 14 glasses of whiskey last night at The Watering Hole Bar. In my opinion he's an alcoholic." The proof is a bit hazy – getting drunk once does not prove alcoholism – but a governor is a public figure with less protection than John Smith, you have clearly separated fact from opinion, and there is no particular evidence of malice.

Pretty safe: "Governor Smith consumed 14 glasses of whiskey last night at The Watering Hole Bar. I wouldn't be surprised to learn he's an alcoholic." This is entirely fact, with no clear evidence of malice, about a public figure.

Anonymous said...


Cochran ESQ. said...

(740 ILCS 145/) Slander and Libel Act.

(740 ILCS 145/0.01) (from Ch. 126, par. 0.01)
Sec. 0.01. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Slander and Libel Act.
(Source: P.A. 86-1324.)

(740 ILCS 145/1) (from Ch. 126, par. 1)
Sec. 1. That if any person shall falsely use, utter or publish words, which in their common acceptance, shall amount to charge any person with having been guilty of fornication or adultery, such words so spoken shall be deemed actionable, and he shall be deemed guilty of slander.
(Source: R.S. 1874, p. 992.)

(740 ILCS 145/2) (from Ch. 126, par. 2)
Sec. 2. It shall be deemed slander, and shall be actionable, to charge any person with swearing falsely, or with having sworn falsely, or for using uttering or publishing words of, to or concerning any person, which, in their common acceptation, amount to such charge, whether the words be spoken in conversation of, and concerning a judicial proceeding or not.
(Source: R.S. 1874, p. 992.)

(740 ILCS 145/3) (from Ch. 126, par. 3)
Sec. 3. In actions for slander or libel, an unproved allegation of the truth of the matter charged shall not be deemed proof of malice, unless the jury, on the whole case, find that such defense was made with malicious intent. And it shall be competent for the defendant to establish the truth of the matter charged by a preponderance of testimony.
(Source: R.S. 1874, p. 992.)

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about boxing. You know, it appears that this June 16th boxing show in Baltimore has the potential to be pretty decent. From what Digital reports, there are several good bouts already locked in.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Unfortunately, Nick Kisner's is not one of them. Just received word that Kisner is now off the show.

Bruce Frank said...

Juan Robles was released from the hospital in Fairfax today. He will be returning to Waynesboro for recovery. Thanks to all of you that have contacted us with your concern, hopes, and prayers.

S.N. said...

Dear Pat,You can't file a civil lawsuit against an individual for slandering you to your face if no one else is around to hear it. The basis of a defamation of character claim is the supposition that the statement caused damage to your reputation, which isn't the case if no one else was privy to the statement. You must be able to demonstrate that someone else heard or read it to win.

In some cases, this will be easy enough to prove, especially in the event of libel. If the aforementioned restaurant critic published his review in the New York Times, it is safe to assume that hundreds of thousands of people read it. However, if the review never made it to the paper, you'll have a hard time winning your case

Anonymous said...

WTF-A foul is an action by a boxer, identified by the referee, that does not meet the standard of a fair blow or the conduct of a responsible professional fighter. Fouls may include, but are not limited to, the following types of contact or acts:
1. Hitting an opponent below the navel or behind the ear;
2. Hitting an opponent who is knocked down;
3. Holding an opponent with one hand and hitting with the other;
4. Holding or deliberately maintaining a clinch;
5. Wrestling, kicking or roughing;
6. Pushing an opponent about the ring or into the ropes;
7. Butting with the head, shoulder, knee, elbow;
8. Hitting with the open glove, the butt or inside of the hand, or back of the hand,

the elbow or the wrist;
9. Purposely falling down onto the canvas of the ring without being hit or for the

purpose of avoiding a blow;

10. Striking deliberately at that part of the body over the kidneys;
11. Using the pivot blow (pivoting while throwing a punch) or the rabbit punch

(punches thrown to the back of the head and neck areas);
12. Jabbing the eyes with the thumb of the glove;
13. Use of abusive language;
14. Unsportsmanlike conduct causing injury to an opponent that does not meet the

standard of a fair blow;
15. Hitting on the break;
16. Intentionally spitting out the mouthpiece;
17. Hitting on or out of the ropes;
18. Holding rope and hitting;
19. Biting/spitting;
20. Not following referee's instructions;
21. Stepping on opponent;
22. Crouching below opponent's belt;
23. Leaving neutral corner; and
24. Corner second shouting.

Gary Digital Williams said...

That's great to hear, Bruce! Please give him our best!

Anonymous said...

how did the injury happen to Robles