Saturday, May 12, 2012

Harrison Wins By Second-Round TKO!

In a relentless performance, "The Beltway Boricua" Dusty Harrison scored a second-round TKO over Joey Ortega.  Ortega tried very hard to hang on, even when he lost a point in the interim.  But Harrison used his right hand to pummel Ortega to the canvas.

The bout was stopped at 2:59 of the second. Harrison is now 6-0, three KO's . Ortega is now 3-22, one KO.

Main event is next -- Ty Barnett vs. Robert DaLuz.  Right now however, former world champion Keith Holmes is telling the crowd that they are trying to work a bout between Holmes and former champion William Joppy in August.   Holmes wants the bout at 164 pounds.  We now leave 1996 and come back to 2012.


Anonymous said...

so far only one bout has went the distance.Who was the matchmaker on this card Gary?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Brian Dillon.