Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pavlik Declines April Bout With Sigmon!

Apparently, Kelly Pavlik does not want to fight Scott "Cujo" Sigmon after all. Telling the Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator newspaper that there was no contract signed, Pavlik has decided to take a bout on March 17. The bout with Sigmon was slated for April 14.

“There was never a fight scheduled for sure against him!” Pavlik wrote in his text. “He was the one that went to some boxing site! (Guess he means this one.)

“I wish I could fight the kid — he is horrible!”

I've talked to Sigmon since the word got out on this and he assured me that a contract had indeed been drawn up with Top Rank for this contest.

Writing on his Facebook page Monday night, Sigmon said, “I sadly regret to inform everyone that 37-2 Kelly Pavlik not to fight me. That’s right, he is afraid to fight [an] unskilled, protected ‘club’ fighter.”


EC said...

Pavlik is done anyway. Move on to real competition instead of that whino.

Anonymous said...

ok everyone...wake up. We all know that cujo is a tough customer. Tough in the sense of taking punishment. He hasn't the fire power to stay in the ring with a fighter on pavliks level (drunk or sober). It wouldve been nice to have a local guy get on the big stage and take a chance. If they would have fought what would pavlik get out of knocking cujo out? and don't bring up the fact that cujo has a belt..this that and the other. Look at the peterson brothers for example. They are absolutely great fighters and can ahndle themselves on the big stage. They however have had some ups and downs and look how long it has taken them to get to the top. Did cujo realy think he would pay for his title and get a shot at a top level fighter? Cujo isn't ready for all that even if he doesn't want to admit it. I wish Lange would fight him because lange would beat him...i'm not a fan of either just an outsider looking in. That would sell some tickets too. Pavlik made the smart move by not fighting a "club" level fighter. Call it hating if you want, if you analyze what i have just stated you will see truth in it.

Anonymous said...

Pavlik is a drunk, so how would he even recall? Go Cujo!

Brian said...

It stinks that this fight isn't happening..I would have liked to watch. But I am wondering if Pavlik ever signed a contract for him. We know Scott has and so has the matchmaker, but did Kelly?

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Pavlik didn't sign the contract. But Cameron Dunkin, Pavlik's Manager and one of the most powerful Managers in the game, and Brad Goodman Matchmaker for Top Rank Boxing THE most powerful and respected Promoter in the game, were on a conference call with Cujo and made the fight with him. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that Cameron Dunkin and Brad Goodman would get to the contract stage with a fighter without getting a verbal agreement from the other fighter, Kelly Pavlik in this case, that the fight was a go. It's real simple and the conversation would go like this:

"Kelly, we've got a guy for April 14th for you. His name is Scott Sigmon he's 20 and 3, 12 KO's, the weight is 166, and you're getting $50,000. How's that sound?" and then I'm sure Kelly verbally agreed to the bout and then Top Rank sent the contracts. If a man doesn't honor his word, then you can't call him a man now can you? Piece of garbage is more like it.

It's obvious who pulled out of this fight. Pavlik's Manager wanted the fight, Pavlik's Promoter wanted the fight, surely Kelly Pavlik verbally agreed to the fight. And then when his own Promoter sent him a contract, he didn't sign it.

And let me tell you something, Kelly Pavlik would have made good money for this fight, at least $50,000 if not $150,000.

If Cujo is "horrible" and a "club fighter" like Pavlik says, then that ought to be an easy payday for Kelly, right?

But Kelly's confidence isn't there, he has issues outside of the ring, and Cujo was/is motivated to bust this guy's ass! People like Alex Kohut and Brian Dillon and whomever else can say that Cujo doesn't have a chance. That's some bullshit! Pavlik couldn't hurt Cujo if Pavlik was as sober as a church mouse and never touched a drop in his life!

I'm telling you Cujo had one hell of a chance in this fight. I think he would have taken every big shot that Pavlik had, he would have outhustled him and stayed on the inside, and he would have beat Pavlik in a close decision.

Don't let this fight go Cujo!

Brian said...

hmmmmm, I state my feelings and thats get translated into he has no chance. I merely said he may have bit off more than he can chew

Anonymous said...

Dillon - it's obvious to everyone he is the underdog. But at the very least, Cujo will go the distance and win several rounds.

Anonymous said...

Cujo says he's got a fight with Pavlik but guess what? Pavlik doesn't know a thing about it.
And then Sigmons camp runs around saying Pavliks afraid of us.Paleeeeease wake up and smell the pitunias people.

Anonymous said...

cujo got beat by nicklow, look what happened to nicklow when he stepped up against people lesser than pavlik? give me a damn break

Anonymous said...

Digital has the pics of the contract signed by me and Top Rank matchmaker Brad Goodman.Also Bob Arum announced the fight Feb.24th to the Vindicator Newspaper.So if I agreed to it,the matchmaker agreed to it and the promoter agreed to it.Then Pavlik must have turned it down.Pavlik wants someone that is gonna lay down he wants no risk between him and the million dollar payday that is Chavez JR. -CUJO-

Anonymous said...

Again, you have to give credit where credit is due. Sigmon was willing and eager to step up, regardless of what you think of his ability. I personally think he has improved. Pavlik did not want to take a chance, plain and simple. "Club" fighter or not, Pavlik thought enough of Cujo NOT to fight him. And it wasn't Cujo who said no to the fight.