Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Digital' Joins the 'East Coast Boxing Report' Tonight at 9 PM ET

I am honored to be a guest tonight on the premiere of the "East Coast Boxing Report" with my good friend Alec Kohut of Maxboxing.com I will be a monthly guest on the show talking about the Beltway region. This is a call-in show and the number is 1-424- 258-9273

Here is the link to the show that will air over Blog Talk Radio:



Ed said...

whats up Gary,

There's a fight at the DC Star this Saturday with the return on Gary "fast hands" Jones.

Maurice Byarm vs Willie Palms
Dwayne McRae vs James Porter
Brandon Quarles vs David Tomlin
Jeremiah Wiggins vs Alan Moore
Zain Shah vs Devin Parker
Thomas Snow vs James Franks
Gary Jones vs Torrence King
Nick Kisner vs Andre Ward

Plus awards given too Sharmba, Too sharp Johnson, Joppy, Holmes

Anonymous said...

Pure Vomit

Gary Digital Williams said...

Yep, Ed! I'm aware of the card and will be confirming everything with the matchmaker tomorrow!


Ed said...

The new matchmaker is:
Renee Aiken

Anonymous said...

Where can we go to find local fights in the DC area?

I joined this site thinking it would do that, but it does not.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I tell the schedule once I get the information on the cards.