Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Round Washington Golden Gloves Pairings!

Juniors and Novice Boxers will be on display during the first round of competition at the Washington Golden Gloves on Saturday, February 19 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD. There are six scheduled championship bouts in the Junior Division.

Here are the scheduled bouts:

Junior Division:

8-9, 60 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Donald Ford (Kenilworth) vs. Stacey Selby (Langdon)

9, 65 Pounds: Salvador Escamilla (Langdon) vs. Donovan Plummer (Dream Team)

10-11, 70 Pounds: Malik Warren (Charm City) vs. Juan Jenkins (Upton)

10, 75 Pounds: Malik Dixon (Tony's Gym) vs. Malcolm Lowery (Kenilworth)

11-12, 85 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Shadid Bond (Charm City) vs. Gregory Burton (Langdon)

10-11, 100 Pounds: Umar Ali (Diamonds N Da Ruff) vs. Corey Russ (Sugar Ray Leonard)

15-16, 132 Pounds(CHAMPIONSHIP): Jordan Peters (Tony's Gym) vs. Joseph Lamb, Jr. (Frederick Fight Club)

15, 141 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Michael Peoples (Tony's Gym) vs. Samuel Paulay (Langdon)

16, 152 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Jarell Harris (Round One) vs. Dillon Haymon (Frederick Fight Club)

15-16, 165 Pounds: Malik Lewis (Mack Lewis) vs. Sanquan Long (Tony's Athletic Club)

13-14, 187 Pounds (CHAMPIONSHIP): Malik Titus (Upton) vs. Davonte Robinson (Dunlap Boxing Club

Novice Division:

132 Pounds: Devin Carter (Hagerstown) vs. Robrigo Gabriel (Frederick Fight Club)

132 Pounds: Jamier Hodge (Round One) vs. Todd McElveen (Mack Lewis)

152 Pounds: Marshall Thompson (Enigma) vs. Jacob Amegah (Hillcrest)

165 Pounds: Christopher Watson (Diamonds N Da Ruff) vs. Steven Bucci (Ground Control)

165 Pounds: Nolan Arnold (Club One) vs. Justin Cuffee (Enigma)

165 Pounds: Paul Yohn (Ground Control) vs. Joseph Herbert (Innerstate Connection)

201 Pounds: Calvin Jones, IV (Tony's Gym) vs. Dontrae Grayton (NOMIS)

201+ Pounds: Shelton Graves (Mack Lewis) vs. Simon Rojas (Young Titans)

201+ Pounds: Montreal McMorris (Tony's Gym) vs. Aaron Bratton (Honeycomb)

Open Division:

132 Pounds: Jonathan Baxter, Jr. (Tony Athletic Club) vs. Davon Boone (Enigma)

165 Pounds: Gregory Newby (Limelite) vs. Jarrett Hurd (Hillcrest)

The card begins at 7:30 PM.

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Arsenal said...

Good luck 2 all the kids..Especially the Charm City 1's..