Monday, December 06, 2010

Results of First Day of Silver Gloves Competition!

Courtesy of DC Amateur Boxing, here are some results from the first day of Silver Gloves Competition at the Capitol Sports Complex in District Heights, MD. (Bouts with asterisks are Championship Bouts)

8/9 year-old 60lbs. Maximus Garland (Headbangers) def. Donald Ford (Kenilworth)

10/11 year-old 60lbs. Kali Edwards (Kenilworth) def. Jarmani Scott (Charm City) by walkover**

10/11 year-old 70lbs. Malcolm Lowery Jr. (Kenilworth) def. Philbert Griffith Jr. (SRL)

10/11 year-old 70lbs. Juan Jenkins (Upton) def. Sean Veazey (Baltimore Boxing)

10/11 year-old 75lbs. Cornell Gray (Kenilworth) def. Chris Normile (Baltimore Boxing)**
10/11 year-old 85lbs. Greg Burton (Langdon Rec) def. Shadid Bond (Charm City)

12/13 year-old 80lbs. Jordan White (LB4LB) def. Jessi Montano (Langdon Rec via walkover**

12/13 year-old 90lbs. Denzel Jones (Charm City) def. Demetrius Young (SRL)**

12/13 year-old 100lbs. Rayvon Drayton (LB4LB) def. Mac Allison (Upton)**

14/15 year-old 119lbs. Jalonte Cole (NoXcuse) def. Tommy Avelar (SRL)

14/15 year-old 106lbs. Ronnell Jackson (NoXcuse) def. Mykal Fox (Dream Team)**

14/15 year-old 112lbs. Carlton Gray (Dream Team) def. Siraac Asefaw (SRL)**

14/15 year-old 132lbs. Malik Hawkins (Upton)** def. Daquan Love (Charm City)

14/15 year-old 139lbs. James Scott (Charm City) vs. Samuel Paulay (Langdon Rec)** (not recorded)

14/15 year-old 165lbs. Da’Quan Johnson (Kentland) def. Jacob Owens (Keystone) via walkover**

14/15 year-old 201lbs. Calvin Countess (Charm City) def. Kamanta Heade (Keystone)**

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