Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interviews and Analysis From Waldorf and Salisbury!

We have a lot of post-bout interviews and analysis for you concerning the Regional Golden Gloves in Waldorf and the big pro card in Salisbury.

First, from the Waldorf Jaycees:

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #210 - Kevin Ottley Discusses Novice Title Victory!

Baltimore boxer Kevin Ottley, who trains in Salisbury, MD, talks about winning the 152-pound Novice Title tonight at the Regional Golden Gloves in Waldorf, MD!

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #211 - Kevin Rivers, Jr. Discusses Open Victory at Regional Golden Gloves!

Landover, MD 132-pounder Kevin Rivers, Jr. talks about his Golden Gloves Regional victory and looks toward the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions!

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #213 - Shadeed Floyd Talks About Open Title and Outstanding Boxer Award!

DC 123-pounder Shadeed Floyd talks to BATB about winning the open title in his weight class and being named the Outstanding Boxer of the tournament! Floyd's coach, Beltway Boxing legend Darryll "Terrible T" Tyson joins in the conversation.

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #214 - Post-Fight from Waldorf, MD!

Terron Hampton of the Prince George's County Gazette-Star Newspapers joins me to recap the Regional Golden Gloves and forecast how the Beltway's nine open champions will fare next month at the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Little Rock, AK May 3-9!

Now from the Wicomico Civic Center in Salisbury, MD:

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #212 - Fernando Guerrero Discusses Latest Victory!

Alec Kohut of Max talks to Fernando Guerrero from Salisbury, MD moments after his second-round TKO over Michael Walker.

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #217 - Post-Fight From Salisbury!'s Alec Kohut recaps the rest of the action from the Wicomico Civic Center in Salisbury, MD!

My thanks to Alec Kohut and Terron Hampton for their assistance in covering what was a huge and very successful night for the Beltway Boxing community!


Anonymous said...

Gary, how could you get Kohut involved in a semi-official position? He doesn't know his ass from his elbow. Gary, I have been impressed with everything you have done except getting Kohut in the mix. Please, never again.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Personally, I thought Alec did a fine job. I couldn't cover everything personally. Alec offered to help and again, he did a nice job.

Anonymous said...

Kohut is not a bad guy, but he doesn't know boxing at all. A little quality control, please, Gary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alec welcome to the world of boxing along the beltway.
Did you get a haircut yet and are you still wearing your sisters clothes?
Just kidding Alec
It appears you did a fine job for your first time out.

The Laser

Anonymous said...

Gary, If you are going to use Alec for reporting, I suggest you talk to him about being, or at least appearing, impartial. In the past on this site, Alec has taken some very one-sided, emotional and mean-spirited positions against certain cards. If he is going to get in it with you, he has to be more like you. He has to report the facts and check his personal grudges at the door.

Alec Kohut said...

Hi Laser,

Yes, I got a haircut!
Had a great weekend with fights in Salisbury Friday night, then Atlantic City Saturday Night. Was hard to watch Kelly Pavlik lose, since I am originally from Youngstown as well, and both he and Jack Loew, his trainer have treated me very well. However, Sergio Martinez fought and great fight, and it nice to see two men giving all they had in the ring.
My write up is on


Alec Kohut said...

Thanks again Gary!

For anyone to say that I have made emotional or mean-spirited comments about local cards, is flat out lying. I criticized, not the Lange-Shields card, but the price in which was being charged. While it was a good local card, the prices were higher than this weekend's Pavlik vs. Martinez fight. And the fact that they couldn't fill even 25% capacity at the Patriot Center, proves that most agree with me.


William Gagnon said...

There you go again, Alec. It seems as though you have had no formal media education/training. You will develop credibility if you stick with reporting the matches. If you veer from just the matches, you appear like you have an axe to grind, whether or not that is the case. As long as you cross this reporting line I cannot trust your work. I suggest you get some coaching from Gary on this.

Alec Kohut said...

Hi William,

I do respect that the fact that you actually put your name on your post. Not sure what axe I have to grind. But to say that I cannot or should not express an opinion I think is unwarranted and unfair. Should boxing writers not point out the folly in debacles such as Hopkins/Jones or Holyfield/Botha?
Just curious as your take on that.

William Gagnon said...

Alec, all I am saying is the best reporters just report the facts and let the reader decide. Perhaps you should approach your work in the same way.

Again, I recommend you talk to Gary about this.

Alec Kohut said...


Are you meaning to say Gary doesn't offer his opinion at times?

Alec Kohut said...


I guess my point is this, all sports fans and writers have opinions, I doubt all my opinions are the best or perfect, in fact, I know they are not. But the fun of it is discussing controversial decisions, which fighter which could beat which fighter, etc, etc. So I welcome any criticism or difference of opinion, I just ask for something less ambiguous. If you feel I have said some something biased, or unfair, or just outright wrong, let me know, I might agree, or at least I'll explain how I arrived at my opinion.
I hope you'll take some time read some of articles at, I can send you links if you like.
Who knows, maybe one day we' see each other at local card, argue about fighters and decisions, have a few beers, and enjoy the fights.
I can be reached at


William Gagnon said...


Take 10 steps back and consider this.

Go to the thread on this site titled "March Patriot Center Card Loaded with Beltway Talent" of February 2, 2010.

You have 14 posts on this thread before the event slamming the card and saying it's not worth the money.

If you were reporting on that card how could I take your account seriously? All I would be thinking about as I read/listened to your after fight wrap-up is that you are not impartial -- you are just trying to justify your pre-fight criticism that you tried to hammer into our heads by never-ending, emotional posts.

Do you really think Gary would ask you to cover an event like that for him after your excessive negative comments in the run-up?

By doing this you appear partial and slanted. Because of this, I will never read any of your articles at

As a fan, all I want you to do is report the facts.

Please consider what I am saying. All I care about is supporting the local boxing scene, not tearing it down. Those who report on the local scene have more impact on the success of local boxing than regular guys like me. Please consider the importance of your position.

William Gagnon

Alec Kohut said...

'given' the crowd size

Alec Kohut said...

One more thing,

If you want me to lie, and be dishonest, and say what a great card it was for prices higher than most world championship fights, I won't do it.

I'd like to think I at least have the integrity to say what I really think, than to lie and so people like you will like me.

If you cannot handle an honest opinion, based solely and facts, which I did provide, than it's better you not read me, I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.

Also, I stated that I respect the Langes, most true contenders cannot draw the crowds he once did. And after the last fight I gained even more respect for Jimmy, his heart and dedication were remarkable to survive the 11th round. If training and heart were all that's needed to be a champion, he would be a world champion.

I don't engage in emotional name-calling like some on this blog, I back up my opinion with facts, not emotion.

If you have an argument to refute me other than "you're emotional", let's hear it, but if not, you're not in my league.

William Gagnon said...

Alec, unfortunately, you are not understanding my point. You are right on one thing though -- case closed.

Anonymous said...

Although I think Gagnon is pompous, I have to agree with him on this one Alec Kohut. I went back and looked at that thread and 14 posts BEFORE the fight says it all. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

just because a card has a world title does not mean that the fights will be better than any on
a local show. We all know that the attendance is down at the Patriot center and that half of the people there received free tickets but at least.
Well, I can't think of anything else. Oh yeah,Give back the wallets and stay out of everybodys locker.

Anonymous said...

Kohut means well but gets too excited about stuff. Good reporters don't wade into the fray so much, they stay on the outside and deliver the goods after the fight.

Anonymous said...

I read Kohut's articles on Maxboxing. They aren't any good. You can tell he has never boxed a meaningful round in his life.