Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First-Round Golden Gloves Bouts Announced!

The first-round of bouts for the 2010 Washington Golden Gloves Championships have been announced and they will take place this Saturday, February 20th at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center beginning at 7:30 PM. Here is the scheduled lineup:

Junior Division

8 Years-60 pounds (championship): Salvador Bravo (Langdon Rec. Center) vs. Joshua Hill (D-Block)

8 years-65 pounds (championship): Kyron Curry (UMAR) vs. Kobe Moore (Main Street Gym)

9-10 years-65 pounds (championship): Byron Hill (D-Block) vs. Sean Veazey (Baltimore Boxing)

9-10 years-80 pounds (championship) : Da'Nardo Johnson (Kentland) vs. Jamere Jones (Frederick Fight Club)

11-12 years-85 pounds (championship): Mack Allison (Upton) vs. Titus Murphy (Main Street Gym)

13 years-85 pounds (championship): Corey Moore (Main Street Gym) vs. Martez Small (Dream Team)

14-15 years-112 pounds : Jonathan Rodriguez (Upton) vs. Zachary Curry (UMAR)

14 years-119 pounds (championship): Gregory Taylor (Hillcrest) vs. Devonte Tolbert (Tony's Gym)

15 years-119 pounds (championship): Allen Dade, Jr. (Dream Team) vs. Gervonta Davis (Upton)

14-15 years-152 pounds: Austin Flowe (Hillcrest) vs. Carl Harper (Sugar Ray Leonard)

15 years-165 pounds : Taquane Nance (NOMIS) vs. Darren Brown (Benning Park)

There are a number of unopposed champions in the Junior Division, so congratulations to:

8 years-50 pounds: Lorenzo Lopez (Jeff Gordon MMA)

9 years-80 pounds (Female): Mia Ellis (Upton)

9 years-85 pounds (Female)): Zoria Curry (UMAR)

8 years-55 pounds: Stacey Selby (Langdon Recreation Center)

9 years-55 pounds:: Da'vyon Brown (Benning Park)

12 years-70 pounds:: Jesse Montano (Langdon Recreation Center)

9 years-85 pounds:: Joshua Paige (Frederick Fight Club)

13 years-135 pounds: Timothy Moore (Main Street Gym)

15 years-135 pounds: Irving Deluado (Main Street Gym)

Novice Division

125 pounds: Peter Rodriguez (Upton) vs. Nygel Gass (BAA)

132 pounds: Jonathan Baxter (Tony's Athletic Club) vs. Onyekachi Nouka (Round One)

141 pounds: Maiwak Dagoot (Jeff Gordon MMA) vs. Joseph Iobbi (Upton)

141 pounds: Luis Guzman (Club One) vs. Gregory Wright (Baltimore Boxing)

141 pounds: Omar Burke (Upton) vs. Johnny DaSilva (Round One)

152 pounds: Joseph Vidalis (Baltimore Boxing) vs. Quiton Taylor (Tony's Athletic Club)

201+ pounds: Christopher Kane (Baltimore Boxing) vs. Roderick Porter (NOMIS)

201+ pounds: Jeremy Williams (Keystone Boxing) vs. Simon Rojas (Young Titans)

The Washington Golden Gloves will continue for the next four Saturdays (February 27, March 6, March 13 and March 20) at the Sugar Ray Leonard Center. The semi-finals will be on March 20th. Starting times for all SRL Center bouts will be 7:30 PM.

The Washington Golden Gloves Finals will be held on Friday, March 26 at the Waldorf Jaycees Community Center at 8 PM.

The Regional Championships, which match the Washington champions against the titleholders from Virginia and North Carolina, will be held on Friday, April 16 at the Waldorf Jaycees at 8 PM.


Anonymous said...

What notable open class boxers are fighting in the golden gloves this year?

Risen said...

Mike Reed
Seth Billups
E Man Johnson
Mark Johns
Kevin Rivers
Jousha Davis
Terran Grant
Tez Fox
Jerry Odom
Mitris Ballard
Elvis Madrano
Rock Warden
Nate Davis
Demont Nicelson
Kevin Wolmak
Pat Coye
Day Day Drayton
Killer Kawaski

Anonymous said...

Joe Lyles super heavy

Anonymous said...

Let me edit ur list there:

Reed - 2009 National JO Champion
Rivers - 2009 US National Champion
Fox - 2010 Under 19 Natl Champion
Odom - 2009 National JO Champion
Ballard - 2009 National JO Champion
Nicholson - 2008 National PAL Champion

Other guys not notable. No offense to anything

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you all something right now Day Day has won countless tournaments. So I do not know what the hell you guys are talking about. He will win the Golding Gloves to you Moth#$ %^&*$@

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say Ghetto Queen. Carry your ass to bed-

Anonymous said...

what tournaments did Day Day win. Just curious because I couldn't find it online.

Anonymous said...

what tournaments did Day Day win. Just curious because I couldn't find it online.

Ears said...

He won at Suger Reys, He won in Va before 2. He is da man! way mo talent this all de rest put 2gether

Anonymous said...

Go back to sleep retard!

Anonymous said...

There may be some guys not notable but I beat you they will come to fight and upset somebody

Anonymous said...

how much is it at the door.

Anonymous said...

No Offense...but Pat Coye is quite Notable as he won the VA GG's in 2009, now competing in DC/MD.

Anonymous said...

why didnt Odom win the under 19?