Saturday, May 09, 2009

Orji Loses By Split Decision in Philadelphia!

Laurel, MD super featherweight Ikem "The Warrior" Orji lost a six-round split decision to undefeated Issac Suarez of Lancaster, PA tonight at the Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

No details on the bout except for the judge's scorecards. Judge Al Dorsey scored the bout for Orji, 57-56 but judges Frank Cappuccino and Steve Weisfeld saw the bout in favor of Suarez, 58-55 and 58-56 respectively.

With the loss, Orji falls to 5-2, one KO while Suarez remains undefeated at 7-0, three KO's.

UPDATE: Sources have told me that this decision was a very controversial one. Orji scored a knockdown in the second-round but the round was scored a 10-9 round rather than a 10-8 round. No word on when the knockdown took place in the round. Representatives from Orji's camp have informed me that they plan to protest this decision.

Here is an on-site report from JR Jowett who writes for Boxing Digest. As some know, Jowett pulls no punches in his descriptions of bouts.

Isaac Suarez, 134, Lanc., sp. dec. Iken Orji, 135 ¼, Laurel, MD, 6.
NO fight!!! Great match on paper produces nothing in ring! They paw with jabs, not landing, and look and pose and look and pose and look and pose… In 3rd, Orji, who has been switching between southpaw and ortho, is back to southpaw, waves a few pawing jabs and then fires straight left, drops IS. But nothing happens afterward, and nothing for the rest of the bout. Dorsey scores for Orji, 57-56, Capp
58-55 & Weis 58-56 for Suarez.


Anonymous said...

i was there at the fight ,yes i do beleive that orji won the fight ,there was no way that suarez won that fight,suarez lost every round except the last round,1st rd 10-9 orji,2nd rd 10-9 orji 3rd rd 10-8 orji 4th rd 10-9 orji 5th rd 10-9 orji 6th rd 10-9 suarez, the fight should have been scored 59 to 53 orji!!!!!!!!!!

Justin (isaacs brother) said...

i was there too. Orji COULD have won the fight if he had landed a clean punch anytime in the fight!! Suarez dodged/blocked every punch that was thrown at him and countered with solid hooks that landed almost everytime. Suarez knockdown did put him in a little of shock but even after that he still swung, countered, and kept getting untouched. Suarez easily won the fight.