Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bouts Announced for Washington Golden Gloves Finals!

The bouts have been announced for the Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals that will take place this Friday, March 28 at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center in Waldorf, MD.

There are 20 bouts scheduled for this card, ranging from 100 pounds to the superheavyweight division. Here is the lineup:

Junior Division, 13-14, 100 pounds: Dusty Harrison (Old School) vs. Brandon Patterson (Charles Mooney Academy of Boxing)

Novice Division - female special attraction, 185 pounds: Estelle Brown (Books and Boxing) vs. Tori Nelson (Old School)

Novice Division

119 pounds: Erick Cruz (Limelight) vs. Angelo Rector (Sugar Ray Leonard Center)

125 pounds: Joseph Rector (SRL Center) vs. Andre Morgan (Round One)

132 pounds: Tavrean Venable (Headbangers) vs. Joel Young (Charles Mooney Academy)

141 pounds: Debsainta Glasaco (Charm City) vs. Charles Dobbins (Club One)

152 pounds: Kevin Borders (Old School) vs. Damien Butler (Round One)

165 pounds: Eric Govan (Laurel) vs. Jean Baptiste (Headbangers)

178 pounds: Jamaul Silvera (SRL Center) vs. Manuel Ramos (Olympia)

Heavyweight: Charles Johnson, Jr. (SRL Center) vs. Joe Liles (Charles Mooney Academy)

Super Heavyweight: Clinton Price (Midtown) vs. Bernard Adams (Brooklyn)

Open Division

119 pounds: Kevin Rivers (Headbangers) vs. Jeremy Miller (Baltimore Boxing)

125 pounds: Traon Bynum (Headbangers) vs. Donnell Miller (unattatched)

132 pounds: Douglas Greene (Club One) vs. Renaldo Gaines (Headbangers)

141 pounds: Kevin Womack (Upton) vs. Marquis Moore (Nomis)

152 pounds: James Stevenson (B.A.A) vs. David Grayton (Nomis)

165 pounds: Antonio Walls (Nomis) vs. Jarrett Hurd (Hillcrest Gym)

178 pounds: David Churchwell (Olympia) vs. Thomas Williams (Charles Mooney Academy)

Heavyweight: Nick Kisner (Club One) vs. Alex Guerrero (Main Street Gym)

Super Heavyweight: Abodurin Akinyanju (SRL Center) vs. Andrew Jackson (Nomis)

The winners from this event advance to the regional championships that will also be held in Waldorf on Friday, April 11.

The first bout for this event will take place at 8 PM. There will also be a tribute to the legendary Truman Tuttle during this event. For ticket information, call 301-843-6165.


Anonymous said...

The regional championships will be held in waldorf or baltimore or the district of columbia or anywhere besides Virginia.
The golden gloves have been manipulated by maryland and the district for many years.
Virginia fighters never get past the regional level.there are no judges from virginia there, and if there are their not allowed to judge when a virginia fighter is fighting.about all they get to do is keep time or something.
Corrupt corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The reason Virginia does not have anyone in the Regionals is because they do not partipate the was they should. If Va would put more boxers in the Golden Gloves-they would then have a better chance at winning. I do know that all the judges from SAA and PVA are absolutely honest when it comes to judging fights. Furthermore, you have 5 judges, do you actually believe that it is a conspircasy against Va. Wake up ASSHOLE! If not I will wake you up-I wear a size 12 1/2 Timberland and will plant it where the sun doesnt shine. Dont you ever come on here againg calling people cheats. These judges are decent hard-working honest people. (Except for three that I know of) Anyway they are volunteers and we do not need to hear your bullcrap early this morning. Train your boxers better and get them over here and sign them up. Have Jimmy Dang A Lange bring them over in his 1978 Blazer.
(Cheapskate if I ever seen one)
By the way when u drive over to the show this friday, take a large hose and clamp it on your exhaust pipe, stick the other end through your rear passenger window and start driving over. All your worries will be gone by the time you get here. Plus you will save gas money....

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try that saving gas bit...

Anonymous said...

Real nice Boxer 1! And you're working with kids! Great example you must be!

Anonymous said...

dominic wade is not in the finals?

Anonymous said...

a gary there's a major rumor going around that the african warrior (bo) suffered an undisclosed injury and that thers a really good chance he won't be fighting..can u pleaaaaaase find out...ur boy ...archie

Anonymous said...

wow that's a big blow if it's true...if they let that big bumm andre win that's a real shame ...hope the african warrior (bo) can fight...

Anonymous said...

I don't think I will make it down to the gloves but the show looks hot this year. I can't wait to see the outcome of these fights this weekend. I am especially looking forward to the 141 and the 152 bouts. Both Womack and Stevenson are fighters I know well. Thomas Williams from Charles Mooney Academy fought so well out in Colorado and really represented us well in the USA nationals. He will be hard to beat.
Also there is the rematch between Nick Kisner (Club One) vs. Alex Guerrero (Main Street Gym). Nick was the winner of the first fight but it was mad close. Hey, its going to be a great night of boxing. Chin from the honeycomb boxing gym.

Anonymous said...

good luck guys, than you will get your warm up vs va than go to the big show.because that all it is,a warm up vs va. va have not gotten the hint yet, what VA VS DC MARYLAND IS.but just like a dum hoe thay keep coming

Anonymous said...

Who are the winners from VA thats coming down here to face our DC/Maryland fighters for the regional championship gloden gloves?