Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Ding-A-Ling Man' Calling Out Cruiser Champs!

Wanted to share this press release from Duva Boxing concerning the newly-crowned USBA Cruiserweight champion Darnell "The Ding-A-Ling Man" Wilson:

Promoter making belt holders’ phones ring, talking about the Ding-a-Ling.

Dino Duva co-promoter, along with Sal Musemeci’s Final Forum, of red-hot cruiserweight destroyer Darnell “Ding-A-Ling Man” Wilson (22-5-3, 19 KOs), says he is getting in touch with all the cruiserweight world champions to arrange a shot against one of them for his wildly popular fighter.

“He’s coming off the knockout of the year over Emmanuel Nwodo. Before that he knocked out Daniel Judah, Dale Brown and Kelvin Davis in sensational consecutive fights. The Ding-a-Ling Man is a legitimate star in boxing and he has earned a title shot. He’s one of the most exciting fighters in the entire sport!”

Wilson agrees and admits he’s very eager to swap punches with one of the reigning cruiserweight champions. “My waist is ready for the belt to be around it. I want one of them to give me a chance. I want this bad and I deserve a shot.”

Duva says he expects the camps of Jean Marc Mormeck (WBC/WBA), Steve Cunningham (IBF) and/or Enzo Maccarinelli (WBO) to jump at the chance to face Wilson because of his tremendous marketability. “From a promotional standpoint, it’s very sellable because of all the spectacular things Darnell has done on national television. I’m willing to either promote the fight myself or work with the champions’ promoters to get this done.”

What Duva says he likes the most about the power-punching 32-year-old Ding-a-Ling Man, besides the fact that he has the sport’s best nickname, is his way of doing things.

“Darnell has earned the right to fight for a world title and he did it the way you’re supposed to. He went out there and knocked out all the other top contenders in highlight-reel fashion. Darnell has become one of the most recognizable television fighters in the sport today and I’m going to get him the title shot he deserves for all his great work. Ding-a-Ling has the whole package: Punch, Chin, Guts, Determination, and best all, Charisma. He is a big part of what makes the cruiserweights such an exciting division.”


Tom Molyneaux said...

Darnell is a big puncher with a great nickname. And when he used to fight at Michaels, funny ring walk music. But....lets not get too excited here. Remember he is 4-4 over his last 8 fights.

His recent wins (4) : Daniel Judah was a credible opponent in name only.Dale Brown is a joke with a great record who never has beaten a credible opponent. Kelvin Davis - see Dale Brown. And Nwodo fights so infrequently, it was surprising he lasted as long as he did with Wilson.

His recent losses (4) : Tokarev won every second of every round, is 35 years old and then promptly went out and lost to Huck. Cora also dominated Wilson then got stopped in 4 by Tokarev and then in 2 by Matt Godfrey (undefeated, but no killer). Beck is a Don King heavyweight whose only win since 9/04 was over Wilson and Andre Purlette has always been a protected joke with dozens of wins over complete stiffs.

Conclusion: Wilson is a solid club fighter with a 22-5 record. He is tv friendly and we should look forward to watching his next fight. Does he deserve a world title fight, maybe since the cruiserweight class is so limited. Does he win a title? Only if he gets Rahman lucky with one of his bombs. But if he does it will be short lived. A boxer with a strong chin beats him every day of the week. But until then it is certainly enjoyable to watch him. I hope that instead of holding out for a title fight, he keeps fighting on tv. Too may fighters sit idly by waiting for the big payday. Darnell is a fighter who can enhance his star power, his earning capabilities and name recognition by being more visible. FIGHT, DARNELL, FIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

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