Saturday, May 26, 2007

Peterson Brothers Lead Local Victory Contingent in DC!

The Peterson Brothers fought two solid performances en route to TKO victories in their first main event performance in front of their hometown crowd at the DC Armory.

NABO Lightweight champion Anthony Peterson successfully defended his title with a ninth-round stoppage of Luis Ernesto Jose of the Dominican Republic.

Peterson started early in the bout landing tough combinations. However, Jose showed his toughness in the contest by staying in close with Peterson.

By the middle rounds, Peterson started to take control with blistering body shots. In the ninth round, Peterson completed the domination with a three-piece combination to the body and head that dropped Jose to one knee in his own corner. Jose's handlers saw enough and stopped the bout at 1:36 of the round.

Peterson is now 23-0, 17 KO's. Jose falls to 27-5-2, 24 KO's.

Older brother Lamont Peterson also remained undefeated with a powerful eighth-round TKO over veteran John "The Eastern Beast" Brown of Atlantic City, NJ. Peterson dominated the shorter Brown with uppercuts and solid combinations. Brown had very little opportunity to challenge Peterson in the contest because the uppercuts kept him from coming forward. Finally at 28 seconds of the eighth round, referee Kenny Chevalier stopped the contest.

Lamont Peterson raises his record to 21-0, nine KO's while Brown, who fought just a few days after the passing of his mother, falls to 23-13-1, 11 KO's.

In off-TV bouts on the card:

Reginald Taylor of DC scored a second-round TKO over fellow DC boxer John Owens. Taylor is now 6-0, three KO's. Owens is 3-4, two KO's.

Tyrone Barnett of DC won an easy six-round unanimous decision over Armando "El Policia" Cordova of Miami, FL.
Barnett remains undefeated at 8-0-1, six KO's. Cordova falls to 23-27-2, 17 KO's.

Jessie "The Beast" Nicklow of Severn, MD made his first pro trip to DC a successful one by registering a third-round TKO over DC's Larry "The Gladiator" Brothers. Nicklow keeps his undefeated string going by raising his record to 11-0-1, five KO's. Brothers loses for the second time in two weeks and falls to 7-26-3, five KO's.

Also, Angel Estrada, a San Diego boxer who is now training with the HeadBangers gym in DC, also remained undefeated with a solid third-round TKO over Filiberto Nieto of New York City. Estrada is now 3-0-1 two KO's while Nieto is now 1-4, one KO.

Before we get to the Gabcast Post-Fight Wrap-Up, let me say that this was a real strong night for DC boxing. There were a number of people from the political, communications and sports world all throughout the arena. We talked about the strong media blitz in the hours leading up to the event. That definitely helped.

The DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission did an outstanding job in preparation for this event. I talked to people involved with the ESPN2 telecast and they were very pleased with the performance of the Commission. The fact that they had to do very little on the night of the bout means that everything was in place prior to the event and that is a great situation. Also give a lot of credit to the promoters -- Peak Management Group -- and their media staff for a great job.

For the rest of our commentary, I now invite you to listen to the Post-Fight Wrap-Up.

Gabcast! Boxing Along the Beltway #57 - Post-Fight Wrap-Up From DC!

It was an exciting, star-studded night at the DC Armory. "The Fight Doctor" Jerome Spears and I recap a solid "American Champions" card including the bouts you didn't see on TV.


Anonymous said...

Hey Digital, did you ever see what caused the delay after the first fight?? BTW, thanks for introducing me to Jerome Spears.

Anyway, I only saw the first three, but Taylor dominated, and both Petersons fought well against tough opponents (John Brown's a little dude, but he's got a LOT of heart).

Linda "Great Shot" Siadys said...

A good clean knockout for DC fight fans and the DC Boxing Commission! Armory populated with respectable number of fans. Whew...What a wonderful opportunity and treat to see the Peterson Brothers fight live! Mayweather and our own Adrian Fenty in the House! We have much to be proud of.
It was such an exciting night and I was surprised that it was about 12:05 when I left, for the number of fighters wonder why it ran so long. But I am sure Mayor Fenty and Mayweather had something to do with that. Also, we send rockets to the moon and back...surely, surely we can get some air conditioning in the armory...
All in all very happy fan...
Very proud of this night for DC.

Gary Digital Williams said...

ACW: The delay was caused by ESPN2. Apparently they didn't want to run the risk of not being able to show any bouts if the Peterson contests were stopped short. They wouldn't have any bouts to fill the time. So ESPN was to blame for the delay.

Great to see you last night!

Linda, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Way to represent Jessie!!

Nicklow is the fastest rising contendor in the area. He lives up to his name "The Beast"

Sounds like the whole card went good.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the exact attendance? I saw a few open seats but there were also a lot of people standing by the entrance. For those who say the cards were a joke, I'd pay my money any night to see those fights again (esp. Anthony's). Great crowd. Great night.

Anonymous said...

Good deal for boxing. See if you take Chris Middendorf out of the equation, you have a very nice card where everyone is taken care of!

Gary Digital Williams said...

The attendance was listed at 3,876.

When you figure the MMA show drew 2,100, that is good news for the boxing crowd!

Anonymous said...

I saw Sharmba and Floyd. Who else was there as far as celebs and fighters?

Anonymous said...

I got news for you pal, Chris Middendorf was the matchmaker for this one and I think you have to give him props for a good performance on this show. With Lamont Peterson he put together a great matchup between Lamont and Dorin Spivey. Then Spivey hurt his should and Middendorf had to put together another fight. Now don't forget, he can't just put together any fight for Lamont because ESPN then has to approve the opponent as well. It's a tricky thing and getting John Brown at the last second probably wasn't easy, let me tell you. But where Middendorf really came through was getting the guy from the Dominican Republic for Anthony Peterson. By the looks of Luis Jose'or Jose Luis?)it looked like an awful matchup but forgiveable given the fact that they had to put somebody in there. That fight turned out to be entertaining and competitive. I say well done! Also, don't forget Tony Thompson was supposed to be on this card against Castillo and if Thompson didn't have the bigger fight in Europe, that would have been a good fight too. If Spivey wouldn't have gotten hurt and his fight would have happened against Lamont, then you keep Anthony's fight against the same guy Jose Luis -- that would have been a solid, competitive, and world class of a boxing card that anyone could have asked for! It turned out to be a good card anyway!

Anonymous said...

What is the website for PMG?

Gary Digital Williams said...

In actuality, Chris Middendorf was NOT the matchmaker of record. He was originally, but withdrew from the promotion prior to the card.

The matchmaker for the card was Eric Bottjer, who cut his teeth reporting in the Beltway area and has gone on to work for some of the top promoters in the business, including Don King.

Gary Digital Williams said...

When I say prior to the card, I should say in the weeks prior to the card.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I thought the fights were very good but the show itself could have run (perhaps) a little more smoothly. The audience had no idea of what the delay was between the first two fights (I can't imagine that for a two hour show, they couldn't have either taped one of the other bouts if they had it earlier, or still had a couple more before and saved an extra fight as an ace in the hole.)

I couldn't find a bout sheet or anything of the sort, and perhaps it's the technical limitations of the Armory, but just having a clock somewhere would have been nice to time rounds (I won't even get into a replay screen question).

Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of the card and felt I got my money's worth, but it sounds like maybe I want to avoid ESPN cards in the future if I ever want to get out of there.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Josh, good comments.

ESPN makes these decisions on a show-by-show basis. A lot of times the decisions are based on what they have scheduled for the two hours.

I was sitting directly behind ESPN announcers Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas and I could see what they had on their monitors. They showed footage of the boxers visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center as well as their stories on the Petersons themselves. They also had Kelly Pavlik in studio.

ESPN did not want to have another bout run and possibly be short of time if the Peterson Brothers had quick knockouts. When ESPN (or any other TV network for that matter) is in a building, they take control of the situation

Gary Digital Williams said...

DC, for some reason, doesn't have or put up bout sheets. The bout sheets are usually put together by the promoters, but for some reason, they don't have programs like the shows at the Patriot Center.

Unknown said...

Right. I completely understand the TV issues. Again, there are ways around it. One is simply to make an announcement so people know what is going on. Two would be to have AN extra bout, leaving others behind (two before TV, two intended for TV, and two left for fill-in/after) seems like a way to keep the show moving. The other, of course, would be to start the show later - Ticketmaster said 6:30, was told before the show 7, and then was told 7:30. 7 PM doors for an 8 PM show keeps things moving efficiently - if you put the two four-rounders at the top of the show, then you're ready for the Petersons at 9 if you start close to on time.

But I digress. I did have a good time (unfortunately didn't get to stick around, as my brother-in-law had to get up for work so I missed the last two fights). Maybe someday I'll have the money and knowledge to try and promote a show, and then people can bitch at me because I do it wrong.

Anonymous said...

And where, exactly, are the nattering nabobs of negativity, who badmouthed this fight card in the week leading up to it? Yes, I shaved, married and raised a family in the time between the first and second bout, but this was a really fine boxing show. I find it unfortunate that ESPN couldn't allow one more bout of the three that followed the two main events to go, so the fans wouldn't have to sit there waiting forever. There is simply no way they would have aired all three even if both Petersons scored first-round knockouts.
Those who were impressed with the scrappiness of John Brown ought to know that his mother (ESPN reported grandmother) died on Sunday and he buried her the following day. That's what he said, anyway. He also told me that he had only had one sparring session before this bout, but had been doing steady roadwork to stay in shape. He hadn't fought in a year. I don't believe he will ever scale the mountain and get back into title contention -- he doesn't hit hard and, as I can attest from personal experience, is too short to fight the bigger guys, but he put in the effort.
As for Anthony Peterson's opponent, people ran a background check on Jose's record and saw his competition appeared to be a bunch of guys in Costa Rica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic with limited experience. But the cry of mismatch proved unfounded. I spoke with Anthony after the bout and he told me people don't know how hard that guy hit. Anthony said he was hurt four different times in the bout -- likely from huge straight left hands to the head -- but he is a consumate poker player in the ring and never showed any signs of distress whatsoever. It was a superior performance, nearly championship caliber, and, for the fans, first rate stuff.
One more note, people complain -- rightly so -- about the lack of air conditioning, monitors, clocks, the works in the Armory. The place is a lovable old dump, and maybe not even that lovable. You would think (Mr. Pollin) more people would take cues from Madison Square Garden and build an adjunct space for smaller events when constructing an arena. Wouldn't it be nice if someone built a world class 8,000-10,000-seat space for events in D.C. like boxing, wrestling, UFC, and tons of events that fly below the Verizon Center level?
Still, the show was beautifully organized and realized except for the gap between first and second bouts.
P.s. -- any commission that doesn't give Larry Brothers a long suspension and a thorough checkup is abdicating responsibility.
-- John Scheinman

Anonymous said...

I thought Middendorf was the matchmaker? Remember when Spivey hurt his shoulder and Middendorf posted it was an unfortunate thing? When did Bottjer take over?

Anonymous said...


Did you ever find out if they were giving away tickets at the box office or was that just bogus info?


Anonymous said...

Isn't Larry Brothers managed by that piece of crap crook, Marty Wynn? Marty owes me money from my fight on the Tyson card still. I did get paid some but not all!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Steve Francis boxing business have a website?

Anonymous said...

See you loser who said Chris was the matchmaker, shut your piehole up on stuff you don't know. That card was very good and because Middendorf was not involved. He ruined Ballroom Boxing and tried to do that to my boss Jake's cards too!

Gary Digital Williams said...

1. I don't know if PMG has a website.

2. Larry Brothers is not affiliated with Marty Wynn.

3. Middendorf withdrew from the card at least two weeks prior to the card. No word why.

4. Bottjer was also involved in the April 27 DC Armory card.

5. From the quick glances I saw in the lobby, there were tickets being sold at the box office, not given away.

The next Ballroom Boxing card should have some very interesting matchups on it.

Anonymous said...

I watched on The Deuce and it was great to see ring announcer Henry "Discombobulator" Jones getting the national exposure he deserves. Despite what he was said to have been told by a network exec, as to the reason for his lack of work on these televised gigs, I had no problem seeing him on the screen at all. I didn't even have to adjust my color!

Anonymous said...

For the record, I made the main event for Anthony Peterson, the Tony Thompson fight that was originally scheduled on the card against Elisier Castillo for the NABF title, the Angel Estrada vs. Feliberto Nieto fight and the Lamont Peterson vs. Dorin Spivey fight(that fell out due to an injury to Spivey). After I withdrew from being the matchmaker for this card, I recommended to the promoters and ESPN that they use Eric, and made the Reginald Taylor vs. John Owens fight for him. My responsibility was to ESPN with whom I originally worked in order to help bring the card to DC and to the Peterson brothers whose fights I have been making for the last year. In the end this was a very entertaining card for television, the brothers looked very good to the world, the crowd was terrific and all in all a great showing for DC. So the naysayers can put me or the show down all they want, but the facts are that it all turned out very well. And special props should go to Greg McCormick for staying the course and getting the job done for PMG.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I wouldlike to give a shot out and a JOB WELL done to Nate, Greg, Jeff, Jenifer, Ben and all of PMG I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the fights time bring the TIGER

Anonymous said...

Since you are on the record Chris, how about admitting you ruined the Ballroom Boxing shows that Josh Hall and Scott Wagner were doing so fine with.

Anonymous said...

My goal is and has been to put strong local talent mixed with world class talent on the BB shows. I have always felt that our best area talent benefits from being in the context and even competing against that talent. Just check the list of fighters who have fought at the Ballroom, local and national, and taken the next step to appear on national television.
Hall's perspective is and has been quite different.

Anonymous said...

What the f***, Hall lost his job in Glen Burnie because he went to jail for whatever. All Middendorf did was step in and do the work. Hall now has a regular gig with Jake, lets give this a f****** rest. Lets let the two shows, their promoters and matchmakers alone and let them promote their shows and hopefully be successful. We all benefit from two strong programs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom

This can be settled once and for all. Josh Hall vs Chris Middendorf for the Beltway Promoter title belt.

Can you see it? Chris comes out jabbing like Ali, Hall on the retreat against the ropes. Chris steps back, admires his work, and Josh comes across with a solid uppercut, right hand. Down goes Chris, down goes Chris. Hall by 3 round KO. Hall gets his old job back at BB and works for Smith. Him and Chris make up and do some great shows together.

Anonymous said...

Josh would kill Chris in the first 20 seconds

Anonymous said...

I have 50 on Hall by TKO in 45 seconds. Hey how about Gary putting up a poll on who he thinks would win? And then I think Chris along with Josh donate the money from ticket sales to the winners charity. How many would buy tickets to a Chris Middendorf Vs Josh Hall fight? I would buy at least 20!

Anonymous said...

I'll take it one step further, one punch and middendorphis would be Knocked The F*** Out.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please come out and tell me why people in the beltway boxing hate Chris Middendorf so much. What the hell did he do? I am really curious.

Anonymous said...

he has cheated and stole from so many local boxers. u cannot trust him at all. he has even white outed certain things in boxers contracts and then paid them a different amount than what was agreed on.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I am about to close this thread. Unless we can talk about what the Petersons and others did on the May 25 card, this thread is closed.

We have been down this road with Chris Middendorf and no one -- and I do mean NO ONE -- has come with substantive proof that Middendorf has cheated or taken money from boxers.

Last year, I gave everyone in the area an opportunity to ask Middendorf questions about his business practices. None of the naysayers had the GUTS to step forward. I don't want to see anymore about this foolishness unless there is some proof behind it.