Monday, January 29, 2007

Rahman May Fight In Turkey Against Sam!

The Associated Press is reporting that two-time former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman may fight in Istanbul, Turkey sometime in May.

The AP says Rahman is very close to completing a deal that would pit Rahman against tough contender Sinan Samil San in a bout that would pit two of the division's top four heavyweight contenders against one another.

"We're in serious negotiations and expect to complete them by next week some time," Rahman's manager, Steve Nelson told the AP.

Rahman is currently ranked fourth in the world by the WBC and has not fought since losing his WBC title to Oleg Maskaev last August. Sam is the WBC International champion and is ranked third in the world by the WBC. Sam has won three in a row, including a 12-round unanimous decision against Bob Mirovic last November.


Anonymous said...

Say What? Rahman gonna fight a turkey?

Anonymous said...

Lets send him to Iraq. He can be part of the surge and hopefully we won't have to see him again.

Anonymous said...

If somebody could give me a logical explamation as to how and why "Sinan Samil Sam" is STILL ranked as a TOP contender in one of the dubious and assinine alphabet groups...I will immediatly nominate them for the 2007 (Pugilistic) Pulitzer Prize.

I spit you not folks...Go to and look this guy up. Take a look at what he's done in his entire career, and especially his last few fights. This guy is a journeymen hvy. Nothing more, nothing less. It absolutely defies logic that he (continues!) to have such an extremely high ranking...

Anonymous said...

* Take a look at his few MEANINGFUL fights that is, and keep in mind the WBC had him (still!) mysteriously ranked at #2 following his (near-shutout) loss to Maskaev. He was also defeated by rasniqi in 2005, and shutout by Gomez in 05'. His last three opponents/victories?

#1 - He beats a 40 yr.old journeymen Soth American hvy (Arias)

#2 - He beats a 40 yr.old 'blown-up cruiserweight' journeymen (Montana)

#3 - He beats a 40 yr.old Australian club-fighter (Mirovic)

Sam is not a BAD fighter...But he's not a very GOOD one either. He's painfully mediocre, and the fact that he continues to be ranked as high as he is, is an absolutely preposterous disgrace.

Anonymous said...

(Alright, one more and I'm done ranting for the time being...)

Here is all you need to know about the (ill) legitimacy of the alphabet groups and Jose Sillyman's WBC...

If god forbid Sam Peter (who one COULD make a case for being #1 ranked) were to be run over by a milk truck tomorrow, who would the WBC's #1 "mandatory" contender be?

Answer: "Sinan Samil Sam".

Yes, Sam is in fact ranked #2 now after Toney's recent decisive loss. These groups and there various different 'world titles' and bogus rankings & procedures have slowly-but-surely severely damaged the sport. This is something (and probably about the only thing) that I think about 90% or 99% of us agree on, and we need to do something about.

Peace all...