Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wilson Predicts Victory on Sept. 28!

In the second part of my interview with Darnell "The Ding-A-Ling Man" Wilson, he talks confidently about his upcoming bout with Daniel Judah.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, right on! Excellent job, Gary. Wilson was pretty candid, as usual. I'm glad to see him back at cruiserweight where he belongs.

GO DING-A-LING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S- I would love to see him fight ZAB judah after he takes care of Daniel. Knock some sense into the poor kid's head (Hehehe...)

Anonymous said...


A bit off the subject, but what is the latest with Tony Thompson? He had a good win, and then...(???) He's not getting any younger either. Perhaps he and Ray Austin could fight, since it appears very few others want to fight those two.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thanks, Cruiser! Appreciate it!

You had to love the "making love" comment! That was priceless!

As far as Tony is concerned, I'll have to ask. A couple of people flat out turned him down for fights, so I'll have to find out what his next move will be.

Anonymous said...

i have been following this guy for awhile now and will definitely like to see him fight live.
i hope in this fight he utilizies his jab more to set-up that tremendous power that he has. he is a fighter that is focused in the first few rounds of a fight, but then it seems he falls apart as the fights goes on. in daniel judah, he is fighting a cautious boxer who knows how dangerous darnell is in the early going, and will probably move alot. hopefully, darnell will go to the body early to put judah in position for a knockout.. i definitely won't miss this fight. :)

Anonymous said...

Gary, that was a priceless comment indeed...(LOL)...I kind of did a "double take" and tilted and my head and looked at the speakers when I heard that, and said to myself; "Did he just say what I think he said?"


Anonymous said...

I know we have to take care of business against Judah here, but here is a possible opponent for Wilson in the near future; Herbie Hide.

Hide will be fighting next month in Utah, and as a 200-pound cruiserweight. Hide is flawed to be certain, but fast and can punch. This fight would be fireworks!

Put it in the Ballroom! (Just put it on TV or webcast though!)



Anonymous said...

...Kelvin Davis at cruiser would be cool too. Antonio Tarver at cruiser...If Wilson takes of business here, and continues to put his nose-to-the-grindstone, and make weight instead of love (Plenty of time for that latter DW! LOL) there could be many good fights out there for him between 175-200!

(Alright, I'll stop hijacking the thread folks! I get a little excited when were talking cruisers and Wilson...LOL)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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